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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Crean Gone Crazy Edtion

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Tom Crean loses his mind, verbally assails Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer after IU victory over Michigan. Gym Cats now ranked #19. Hoops loses to Texas A&M. UK Baseball wins. More.

Crean walking away after verbally assailing Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer.
Crean walking away after verbally assailing Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer.
Gregory Shamus

Tom Crean lost his mind after the Indiana Hoosiers defeated the Michigan Wolverines at Michigan last night, which you can read about below. It was a very unsportsmanlike thing to do, and it has completely sucked the buzz out of Indiana's victory.

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Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Down and almost out, Kentucky rises to defeat Florida // The Sacramento Bee

    Then [Florida guard Mike] Rosario telegraphed - it could have been a smoke signal it was apparent for so long - a pass that Goodwin anticipated. The UK freshman moved easily into the path of the pass and sped to a dunk.

    Great writing there. I got a good laugh out of that paragraph, and even the Tipton haters have to enjoy that one.

  • This Mediocre Kentucky Team Offers Hope That John Calipari Hasn't Solved College Basketball

    The Cats are a decent team, but not much more than that. Only one of its top seven scorers is an upperclassman. We might see Noel, Goodwin and Willie Cauley-Stein all bolt for the pros after this season, but then, we knew they were likely to be short-timers. Kentucky will take solace in knowing they’ve got a fresh new crop who could explode for 38 wins and a national title, if they click. The rest of the country is assured, though, that this piratical formula Caliparil is running looks much riskier than it did a year ago.

    This is one way to look at it, and it’s certainly a fair way.

    Another way would be to say that this team was an aberration, an injured aberration at that. When any team loses its best player, it is going to suffer, and although Kentucky was hardly a lock with Nerlens Noel healthy, there is no doubt whatever they were a better team overall.

    It doesn’t matter which recruiting strategy you use, one based on high turnover or low turnover - things can happen to derail your season. Low turnover strategies produce a more certain path to consistent excellence. High turnover strategies risk occasional teams like the 2012-13 Wildcats, but they also produce NCAA Tournament champions.

  • Tom's Take: D was the Key

    The big difference I saw in Kentucky in those final minutes was how it guarded the Gators, who are the SEC’s most efficient offensive team and the league-leader in field goal percentage (49 percent per game and 40 percent on three’s).

    While it’s fair to say Florida missed some good looks (they certainly did), Kentucky’s defense was good down the stretch. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 0-11 good, but it was good.

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College football
  • Al Golden poised to rebound from disappointing 2013 signing class // South Florida

    With Miami, the NCAA’s indecision was downright crippling. Even after two years of self-sanctions, Golden cannot go into a prospect’s living room and say, with conviction, that the worst is behind Miami.

    NCAA difficulties will hurt Miami, and help Kentucky just a bit, as the uncertainty will give us a chance to pick off some recruits we might otherwise not have a chance at (Hank).

  • LSU's Les Miles dismisses Twitter hoax //

    Last Saturday, Miles was trending on Twitter after Sam McGaw, a Western Kentucky broadcasting student and Bleacher Report contributor, tweeted: "There are rumors that LSU head football coach Les Miles will step down on Monday after allegedly having an affair with a student. Hmm…"

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Twitter is the Devil. (Hank)

College basketball
  • Crean tells former IU assistant: 'You helped wreck our program!' //

    This is unbelievable.

    The reason this makes me upset is because Crean is not an IU alum, or have any connections to IU prior to becoming head coach. What he did here was straight-up unethical in every possible way.

    He has no right whatever to any "high ground" that IU may have in the Kelvin Sampson matter, and IU has precious little, if any. Further, according to the Indianapolis Star:

    [Former IU assistant Jeff] Meyer was cleared by the NCAA of involvement in the school’s "major" recruiting violations. His violations were deemed "secondary" and he was not punished.

    This is straight-up unacceptable. My view of Crean, which had been pretty good, just took a major hit. What a moronic jerk he was in this instance. Irretrievably unprofessional.

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  • Dime Magazine ( // DeAndre Jordan Throws Down Alley-Oop, Absolutely Destroys Brandon Knight

    Memo to Brandon: The NBA is not college, and challenging a guy that big down low rarely ends well for the 6’3" guy. I’m just sayin’.

  • Three things we learned in the New Orleans Hornets' 98-96 victory against the Portland Trail Blazers //

    New Orleans Hornets rookie forward Darius Miller appears to be showing signs of emerging. Miller, who was a second-round pick in the 2012 draft, had his best performance of the season after finishing with a season-high eight points off the bench. In the fourth quarter Miller made a clutch 3-pointer that started a 9-2 run, which extended the Hornets’ lead to 87-77 with 6:53 remaining. After Miller’s shot, forward Ryan Anderson and point guard Greivis Vasquez also made 3-pointers. With the Hornets needing production off the bench, Miller made two of three shots in the second half and had three assists. Miller played 11 games in the NBA Development League with the Iowa Energy before the Hornets recalled him Jan. 27.

    Kentucky boy is doin’ good in the Association.

  • DeMarcus Cousins elbows Mike Dunleavy in the head, gets ejected //

    After a timeout, both Cousins and Dunleavy received technical fouls for jawing at each other before the ball was put in play. The technical was Cousins’ 12th of the year, which is tied for second-most in the NBA. Cousins then threw the elbow on the ensuing possession, resulting in a flagrant-2 and his league-high fourth ejection of the season. Cousins is tied for the lead in flagrant-2 fouls with three.

    Big Cuz still acting like a petulant 12-year old. Hope he grows up soon.