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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Court-Storming Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky women handle Ole Miss. Kentucky football recruiting even being felt by Ohio St. 2013 commit Dakari Johnson has many connections to UK. More.

Another dangerous court-storming.
Another dangerous court-storming.
Lance King

Virginia Cavaliers fans rushed the court after upsetting the Duke Blue Devils last night. There were near-incidents, and this is another reason, together with what happened to Kentucky at Indiana last year, that this practice needs to be stopped or modified to protect the visiting team.

Tweet of the Morning:

We share your excitement, coach!

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Kentucky basketball recruit Dakari Johnson found haven in Lexington //

    This is a very long, and interesting article about Dakari Johnson, Kentucky’s 2013 center recruit. He and his mom lived for a while in Lexington before she lost her job and moved down to New Jersey. So there is a strong connection to the state of Kentucky. I did not know that.

    But when Dakari reached eighth grade, Makini lost her job. She didn’t want to uproot her children again, so she found part-time work and stayed in Lexington so Dakari could at least finish middle school. After he graduated, the family moved to Newark, N.J., to live with Makini’s sister.

    The fact that he was mentored by Michael Kidd-Gilchrist as a young player couldn’t have hurt when it came to choosing a school, either.

  • This is far, far, too awesome for words. Via Kentucky Sports Radio:
  • An Outsider’s Trip to the Heart of Big Blue Nation // Rush The Court

    Kentucky’s intro video is long. It’s not even the only intro video — there’s a hipper version that plays right before the public address announcer introduces the Wildcats’ starters. The first one isn’t as hip, though. It’s nostalgic. It’s a full two minutes (possibly an NCAA record for intro videos) of grainy, black-and-white video from the Dark Ages set to the tune of Bittersweet Symphony.

    It is awesome. As the shots move at lightning speed from frame to frame to frame to frame, you see Adolph Rupp, Joe B. Hall, Pat Riley, Jamal Mashburn, Patrick Sparks, Tayshaun Prince, Frank Ramsey, Tony Delk, Sean Woods, Kenny Walker, Dan Issel and all the other Kentucky legends this state has embraced for almost a century.

    Read the whole thing, it’s inspiring, and it isn’t written by a Kentucky fan.

  • Wiggins mum after his official visit to Kentucky // NextCats

    There’s a popular narrative in recruiting circles that Wiggins is already sold on Kentucky and that this week’s trip was about selling his parents on the Cats.

    Fulford didn’t dismiss the theory.

    I’m not really sanguine about that, but I hope it’s true.

  • Good 'N Plenty: Cats-Heels iffy, but would be great First Four matchup //

    Bah. I think a UNC/UK match up in the “first four” would be stupid, and I don’t think either team would relish that.

  • Ex-Cat Anderson an experienced adviser for Noel on ACL //

    When asked about Noel’s mood in their talks, [Derek] Anderson said, “He was very excited. Very upbeat. We started talking and we became like brothers in a sense. He was like looking up to me.”

    Great to hear, and it was really inspiring to hear Derek Anderson support Pitino’s decision not to play him in 1997. That had to be tough on both men, because I think with a healthy Anderson, we win back-to-back titles easily.

Other UK sports
Links posts
College football
  • Another example of why storming the court, or rushing onto a football field, is a really bad idea. Via @KevinScarbinski:
  • AP Source: NCAA found $170K in Shapiro benefits - Yahoo! Sports

    It seems that the NCAA only listed a small amount of the money that Nevin Shapiro claims he spent on the Miami football team, but that sliver is still a lot. Via Hank.

  • AP Source: 3 former Miami coaches want case tossed // Yahoo! Sports

    ‘’[Louisville assistant football coach ] Clint [Hurtt] is due his due process,’’ Jurich said. ‘’I think that’s the only fair thing that we can do as a university. Clint’s side of the story is much different than the allegations are so I think we wait the 90 days and see how it unfolds then.’’

    I actually think this is a very fair decision by Louisville, and I applaud them for it. It is always possible that the NCAA allegations are wrong in some significant particular, and Hurtt certainly deserves a chance to defend himself. Via Hank

College basketball
Other sports news
  • Nets’ Keith Bogans Works From a Corner Office //

    Keith Bogans likes to joke that he has lived in the corners beyond the 3-point arc his entire professional career. That is where he has made most of his success in 10 years in the N.B.A., he said, with something of a self-deprecating tone.

    Keith is not the first player to do that, nor will he be the last – remember Bruce Bowen, the Spurs’ defensive specialist who make a living on corner 3’s?

    Players who can find themselves open in the corner and make that shot are always valuable to any team.

  • Wizards’ John Wall remains in a funk

    “When he’s in a zone, he’s hard to get to sometimes,” rookie Bradley Beal said. “But that’s just the type of player he is. I’m kind of like that. I get frustrated and upset. You probably won’t hear from me about it, but it’s a learning process for him. It’s a learning process for me and everyone else. Sometimes, the older guys don’t have good games and we tell them to stick with it. They’ll either listen or not. It’s up to the player. You can tell him, but you can’t make him.”

    C’mon, John. Snap out of it!