UK Hoops, TV, and The Real World: A Mini Rant

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Things are about to heat up around here. Or at least they would be if some folks in the world of the media could get their heads in the right place. Or maybe it's their hearts.

UK Hoops is going into the last part of the season, a seven game stretch to finish out regular season SEC play. However, we won't get to see much of it.

As most of you know, we have been doing live blogs, in-game and post-game coverage of the UK Hoops Squad all season and back into last year. We have made a conscious effort to improve the coverage, do more insight work on the players, and to make Women's Hoops a priority here at A Sea Of Blue.

On Tuesday, WKYM did a segment with Coach Mitchell about the fact that the UK women have been filling Memorial Coliseum in game after game as the team as climbed in national prominence. So what happens when the season hits it's peak and the drive to the finish kicks in? We lose the TV coverage,

From now until the final home game against Tennessee on March 3rd, UK plays seven games, of which only 3 will be televised. Starting this week, with the Arkansas game on Thursday night, UK will be off the air more than on, unless you get radio coverage of the games, which down here in my little corner of the world, we do not. I do, however, get internet radio, and that will prevent the complete blackout.

I don't understand how, in the age of technology we live in, that no one saw this coming. The final stretch of the season, Kentucky in the middle of the fight for the SEC title, and working to obtain the best seeding in the NCAA Tourney that they have ever had, and we will be missing games against Arkansas, South Carolina (home game), LSU, and Ole Miss? Someone wake me.

Kentucky Basketball is a staple of everyday life. UK Football is going so far as to put out Superbowl commercials to get the fans in. and UK Hoops is going dark for one of the longest stretches of the season, against some of their toughest opponents. This is not how to run a railroad folks. Unfortunately, UK has no control. This is Fox Sports South and ESPN's baby.

So, for the next couple of weeks, game blogs will be limited to Feb 10th at Vanderbilt, Feb 18th at Texas A&M, and March 3rd at home against Tennessee. I will try to keep up with the post-mortems and provide you with as much information as possible, however our in-game coverage will suffer somewhat for now. I don't know who we talk to, send letters to, or even tweet. However, for those of you who love the Hoops Squad and the way they play, and do not want to miss out on seeing the #12 team in the country, I hope you get frequent flyer miles.

We will do everything we can to get as much info to you as is possible about all the games and where they can be seen, if at all. Go UK Hoops!!!