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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Nick Saban Doesn't Need Your Lawbreaking Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky dominates Mississippi St. UK women face Ole Miss tonight in Oxford. Baseball defeats Eastern Kentucky, now 7-1. Nick Saban dismisses lawbreaking players. More.

Nick Saban doesn't want your lawbreaking ways on his team.
Nick Saban doesn't want your lawbreaking ways on his team.
Andy Lyons

Nick Saban sent the message loud and clear that he's not having lawbreakers play for Alabama. Four Tide players were arrested in connection with a robbery, and now they are ex-Tide players. Good for him.

Tweet of the Morning:

Oh, sweet Jesus -- my eyes!

Your Quickies:

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College football
  • College football 5-year report: Your conference's defense vs. the SEC's -

    Pac-12 defenses are soft. SEC defenses would dominate those fancy West Coast offenses.
    The Pac-12 has been running complex offenses for years, and SEC defenses wouldn’t be able to match up. All they do in the South is run the "footbaw."
    Turns out, it’s the Southern folk who are right.

    Read the whole thing.

  • Saban: Four arrested Alabama players dismissed from team //

    Four players for two-time defending national champion Alabama have been dismissed from school following their arrests after two robberies on campus.

    Looks like Tricky Nicky will be having none of your "Herban" Meyer, laissez-faire approach to football.

  • Clint Hurtt, John Calipari, and the Hypocrisy of it All // Wildcat Blue Nation

    The difference between Cal and Hurtt is simple: John Calipari has never been personally found guilty by the NCAA for violations and was called an "innocent victim" in the Marcus Camby case, whereas Hurtt is directly implicated in wrong-doing.

    Sound familiar?

    Louisville fans deserve any lumps they are getting over this, not so much because of any alleged hypocrisy, but more due to the fact that they are Louisville fans and can’t stop hating on Calipari. To be fair, if Pitino were still here, they’d be hating on him, too, and instead of us talking about his 15 seconds of shame, they would be.

    Part of fandom is schadenfreude – frankly, a delicious part. So party on at Hurtt’s expense, UK fans, if you really must.

    To me, I don’t care one iota about Hurtt, whether he stays or whether he goes. That’s up to Louisville, and I don’t feel enough investment in Hurtt, an assistant football coach, even to muster schadenfruede, let alone write an article condemning U of L fans for hypocrisy. Your mileage may vary.

College basketball
  • 3-point shot: Jim Calhoun in a good place // ESPN

    I sat next to Jim Calhoun for Wednesday night’s Connecticut-Georgetown game at Gampel Pavilion and it was like taking a class in basketball. Calhoun was informative, analytical and calm in describing the action in front of us. He only got excited when Omar Calhoun hit a 3-pointer to tie the game at the end of regulation. I cannot get over how much at peace Calhoun is in his “retirement.”

    Well, good. Maybe he’ll become more of a human being and less of a caricature of one. That would be welcome.

  • Tennessee Basketball: The Fury of the Moment // Rocky Top Talk

    The Vols aren’t in yet, aren’t ranked and won’t be this season, and Cuonzo Martin is yet to win a single NCAA Tournament game. But whatever good can be done in the regular season, the Vols have done all of it and more in the last three weeks.

    Word. The Vols should have been good this year, and now they finally are. Along with Arkansas and Alabama, they are trying to make the pundits and selection committee rethink the “four max from the SEC” thing we’ve heard this year.

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