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Mississippi St. 19 at Kentucky 42: Second Half Game Thread.

Well, Mississippi St. has had a miserable year and they're having a miserable game. I really do feel for them, but to Coach Cal's credit, Jon Hood, who is pretty much the end of our bench except for the walk-ons, has played major minutes tonight.

And Hoodie's playing well, but Alex Poythress has een a ravening beast, even showing signs of getting it defensively. Most everybody is playing well except for Archie Goodwin and Kyle Wiltjer, who have had some struggles, but have also done some good things.

So we're ready for the second half, and let's have both teams play hard, and no more injuries. I doubt if MSU can come back from this deficit, but UK must keep trying to get better. State fans will just have to understand, we mean them no ill, but this UK team is anything but a finished product.

Go, 'Cats!