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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Miami Allegations Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky basketball begins 3-game home stand tonight against Vanderbilt. UK baseball travels to Myrtle Beach for invitational tournament. Calipari prepares Wildcats for critical stretch. More.

Mizzouri coach Frank Haith received his notice of allegations from the NCAA yesterday.
Mizzouri coach Frank Haith received his notice of allegations from the NCAA yesterday.

Miami University and former Miami basketball coach Frank Haith both received their notice of allegations from the NCAA yesterday. Miami has been charged with lack of institutional control. Haith apparently did not get the dreaded "unethical conduct" charge, contrary to prior reporting.

In other top news, the Wildcats take on Vanderbilt tonight in Rupp Arena in the first game of a 3-game home stand.

Tweet of the Morning:

Click on the link. Wowzers.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Kentucky football notebook: Mark Stoops says he won't change
    Stoops, and Kentucky generally, have done a great job of seizing the moment. That's how they were able to land Jason Hatcher and make such a big impact on recruiting at Kentucky.

  • FAN REVIEW: Kentucky Fans––Pretty women, ugly football // Capstone Report

    Commonwealth Stadium is a great place to watch a football game, and not just for the women…who for some reason look incredible in blue and white. It’s just another one of those throw-back stadiums, seating under 70,000 for an intimate afternoon of football. But unless you’re wearing different colors, entering the stadium on a fun road trip with your team, it’s hard to imagine why you’d go.
    This is actually a fun article I think you will enjoy. I have a feeling, though, that things are about to change...
Kentucky basketball
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College football
  • Source: Miami receives NCAA notice of allegations //

    Miami finally received its notice of allegations from the NCAA, which accused the school of having a "lack of institutional control" for not monitoring the conduct of a booster who provided thousands of dollars in cash, gifts and other items to football and men's basketball players.
    Now, it gets really interesting.

College basketball
Other sports news
  • Okay, you have to admit this is pretty darn cool:
  • Midseason grades: Is John Wall a franchise player? // Bullets Forever

    He added, "I think maybe they thought it was gonna be John Wall – maybe they still think it is. I think there’s a lot of people in the league – I’d certainly be one that would share this opinion – I don’t think John Wall’s good enough to be the guy that you build around. I think he’s got great speed and quickness, but point guard is a decision-making position. That’s what makes you great as a point guard, is your decision-making. I haven’t seen any indication that John Wall is a great decision-maker."
    I actually agree with this. John depends an awful lot on his physical ability and less on his understanding of the game. The great point guards make their living more on the understanding of the game, and making the right decisions in the right situation.
  • Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau lauds Hornets rookie Anthony Davis -

    A lot of sights in New Orleans make visitors go "wow." For Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, it’s Anthony Davis.

    "Geez ... he’s just incredible," Thibodeau said Tuesday morning before his team’s shootaround at New Orleans Arena. "His skill set is so unique. His timing, shot-blocking, athleticism.

  • Not enough AD? Here's more from NBA All-Star weekend: