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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Jerry Buss Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Baseball gets huge come-from-behind win in Spartanburg. Women's basketball gets big road win over #11 Texas A&M. Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies. More.

Ethan Miller

I was sad to hear about the passing of Jerry Buss, longtime owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. He was by all accounts a very high-quality person, and set a fine example for all NBA franchise owners for many years. He will be missed.

Tweet of the Morning:

Godspeed, Mr. Buss. You'll be missed.

Your Quickies:

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College football
  • Miami calls for ‘no additional punitive measures’ from NCAA // CollegeFootballTalk

    Okay, this is straight-up BS from Shalala. If Miami did wrong, they should be punished. If it can't be proven without tainted testimony, then they will probably get off. But if it can be proven without tainted testimony, this is just a bunch of bluster. A lawsuit will, and should, end badly for Miami.

    Miami may have a beef, but what they are trying to do is escape accountability on the theory that the NCAA behaved so badly that the investigation has no integrity. But that's yet to be determined.

    I find myself hoping Miami gets pounded, sues the NCAA and loses. Shalala just lost me so completely that I doubt it can ever be recovered. Instead of waiting for all the facts to come out, she pulls this stunt. Evil. The NCAA and their absurdities are also evil.

    Can't they both lose? Please?
  • In Miami debacle, NCAA President Mark Emmert leaves accountability to others // ESPN

    This is yet another excellent article by Dana O'Neil of ESPN. I could say a lot about it, but it would mostly be making points she already makes.

    Should a rulemaking organization be subject to the rules it makes for others? I think most people would say yes, but we this all the time, especially in state, federal and local government. This is not particularly unique, but I'll bet this critique stings, and it should.

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