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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - The Return Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky Hoops defeats South Carolina. Softball takes both games of doubleheader out west. Kentucky basketball will wear Nike Hyper Elite alternate road uniforms vs. Tennessee. More


The Quickies return after a brief hiatus due to the Nerlens Noel injury.

Tweet of the Morning:

No. It really doesn't.

Your Quickies:

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  • This is one of the great rants you'll ever see by South Carolina coach Frank Martin. In fact, calling it a rant is a little unfair. It is a brutal exposition of his team, delivered dispassionately and without rancor. If I were a Gamecock player, I'd have to wonder if I could go out in public again.

    But what's really cool is that he mentions Jodie Meeks, and -- get this - Gimel Martinez in extremely flattering ways. It's long, but it is well worth the time investment to watch. Chilling, and moving at the same time. Hat tip: Matt Norlander at CBS.
  • How Florida's offense (and Casey Prather) befuddled Kentucky's defense // Alligator Army

    It isn't so much what Florida did, but what Kentucky did not do. This is a perfect example of where an experienced player would do the right thing, but an inexperienced player gets confused and does the wrong thing.
    Andy incorrectly diagnoses that Poythress did the right thing. We were switching all pick and rolls against Florida, and when Murphy sets the pick, he becomes Poythress' man. Kyle did the right thing, and Poythress was out of position.
  • 3-point shot: Kentucky's seeding slides // ESPN

    1. Kentucky's NCAA tournament fate is probably closely related to what happened to Purdue in 2010, when the Boilermakers were headed toward a No. 1 seed before Robbie Hummel tore his anterior cruciate ligament in a late-February game at Minnesota. The Boilermakers ended up dropping to a No. 4 seed. Kentucky isn't that high, but the seeding, more than an actual selection, is probably going to take the biggest hit following Nerlens Noel's season-ending knee injury.
    I think we'll worry about the things we can control, not the things we can't. We can't control what the committee does. We can control what we do facing our next opponent, which happens to reside down in Knoxville.
  • Calipari says Noel could return to UK

    UK coach John Calipari said on his radio show Wednesday night Nerlens Noel will have options. Noel's season ended Tuesday night with a torn ACL but the injury is not career ending. Calipari said he could enter the NBA draft in June or choose to return to UK.
    It is certainly possible, but that decision is several months off.
  • One thing that bothers me about Young's game is that he is very, very left handed. You don't see a single right-handed finish in here. That has to change, as Terrence Jones can tell you. Hat tip: Sam Henson.

  • Let's do everything we can to take care of our kids -

    Could a reason for coaches wanting kids go straight to the NBA out of high school is because they can’t get them and don’t want to compete against them? My hope is that we are bigger than that, but I don’t know. Are educators really thinking that these kids don’t deserve to be in school? Or that if they are good enough to leave early, they don’t want to be there so they shouldn’t be? Please tell me that’s really not true. Do we not have any feelings about stopping cycles within families that lack higher education and changing generational cycles?
    Calipari makes a strong, albeit imperfect, argument against allowing players to go to the NBA straight from high school.
  • Noel Nerlens’s Injury Raises Questions About Insurance for College Stars -

    "It’s not as if they’re being given something," Haagen said. "The attempt not to allow that reasonable accommodation, or not permitting the schools to provide them with a variety of long-term care insurance, that just seems to me inappropriate, shortsighted, wrongheaded."
    I agree. Let others help with insurance. Vet them for connections to NBA agents and such, but if fiends, family, or the schools want to provide the cost of coverage, let them.
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