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Kentucky Basketball: 1978 NCAA Championship Team Pictures

These were shared by A Sea of Blue member acdixon. They are pictures he took before the UK-Auburn game where the 1978 national champion Kentucky team and its members were honored.

Here are some recent photos of the 1978 team taken by acdixon at the UK-Auburn game. Can you help identify them? Here are the ones we think we know:

  1. Fred Cowan
  2. Lavon Williams
  3. Not sure
  4. Chris Gettelfinger?
  5. Rick Robey
  6. Tim Stephens?
  7. Mike Phillips
  8. Coach Joe B. Hall
  9. Kyle Macy

If anyone can confirm #4 and 6, or correct them, and identify #3, it would be great. It's really hard to compare the picture of an 18-20 year old to a picture taken 35 years later. I feel bad about not recognizing them on sight, but then I realize that almost nobody who knew me back in my college days can recognize me on sight. You do a lot of changing in 35 years, let me tell you.

To browse the pictures, click on the right or left arrows to go to the next or previous. This is our first use of the Gallery feature in the new platform, so feel free to offer commentary on that as well.