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Kentucky Basketball: Derek Anderson To Help Noel Through Injury

I posted this in the first update, but I think it deserves it's own thread. Derek Anderson of the 1996 national championship and 1997 national runner-up team tweeted this very shortly after Nerlens Noel's injury had been diagnosed:

This is what it means to come to Kentucky and be a member of this great program. If anyone ever doubted that the bonds that are formed in connection with this school lack strength due to a short gestation period, be disabused of that notion now, and forever.

Derek Anderson was only here at Kentucky two years, and half of that time he was recovering from his own ACL tear. Kentucky means so much to him that he is on his way to Lexington to help Noel get through this, and there is nobody more qualified, both as a motivator and as a living, breathing example, than DA.

Thanks, Derek. You have the gratitude of a grateful Big Blue Nation.