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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Jarrod Polson Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky plays Florida for the SEC lead tomorrow. #1 seeds for NCAA tourney up in the air. Jarrod Polson getting lots of Big Blue love.. John Wall turning Wizards round. More.

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Jarrod Polson knows his role, and he is filling it well.
Jarrod Polson knows his role, and he is filling it well.

Jarrod Polson's inspired play of late has really been impressing Kentucky fans, and hopefully inspiring his teammates. He was simply terrific on Saturday and never fails to bring energy to the team.

Tweet of the Morning:

And they say we don't care about football...

Your Quickies:

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  • Is selecting Larry Warford at #24 considered a reach? - Stampede Blue

    I have been paying attention to one particular player by the name of Larry Warford, he’s a massive Right Guard from the University of Kentucky who’s widely considered one of the best Guard prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft (ranked #3). At 6-3 335, he is a very stout and strong run blocker who can easily push defenders away from the ball-carrier and help spring the RB for a long gain. And in pass protection, he won’t let anyone beat him easily.
    It's been a while since a Kentucky player was taken this high, if it happens.
  • SEC spring football schedule // Saturday Down South
  • Kentucky Sports Radio // Matt Bradford’s Monday News and Views

    This is the reality. The new UK coaching staff is impressing EVERYONE they come in contact with, utilizing an approach to recruiting that is blowing people away. From explaining in detail how each player will be utilized to showcasing their revolutionary training and monitoring methods (more on this later in the week too). Kentucky’s recruiting class finished #27 in Rivals rankings and there may still be one or two more to come, but it wouldn’t shock me if the one next year does even better. It is a new Kentucky football mindset folks.
    That's a very good thing.
  • // UK joins early offer sheet for Florida DB
    I do like the focus on defense. That's new at Kentucky. ($)

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  • Paterno-family report not enough to clean-up JoePa's reputation // ESPN

    I can save you the time of reading through the entire report. It goes like this: Joe Paterno … good. Freeh report … bad. So whaddya say, let's return the statue of JoePa to Beaver Stadium and, hey, Peachy Paterno ice cream cones for everybody!

    Look, the Freeh report is flawed. Let's stop pretending it isn't. No, we should not accept this new report at face value, but when everyone has already made up their mind and will accept no new evidence or arguments, we have truly reached a point of despair.

    Instead of mocking Paterno's family, the media should give them a fair hearing on the merits. Just because someone has an agenda does not automatically make them wrong -- defense attorneys always have an agenda, but we don't ignore them.

    Ridiculing a family's effort at advocacy for their deceased father is just unseemly, unfair, and unreasonable. View it through a jaundiced eye? Surely. But in my view, this piece is unfair even as an opinion.

  • Urban Meyer is a college football villain, but why? //

    Some consider this the insidious creep of the dreaded SEC, which to stodgy old Big Ten fans, is a fate worse than losing. It isn’t. This is how college football works now. The rest of the country works hard. Meyer isn’t unique in this respect, he’s just extremely good at turning that hard work into lots and lots of wins.
    This, right here, is what is driving the so-called "hate."
  • Phil Knight of Nike says Joe Paterno wronged by Freeh report - ESPN

    ike co-founder Phil Knight said Monday that Joe Paterno was unfairly maligned by the "unjustified and unsubstantiated" findings of the Freeh report.

    Knight also lashed out at the NCAA, saying it was "simply grandstanding" when it used the Freeh report to punish Penn State's football program with "totally unwarranted" sanctions.

    Well, I guess everyone is not uncritically accepting the Freeh report as fact.
  • Tennessee Vols' Butch Jones faces challenge with SEC recruiting // The Tennessean

    "Everything is accelerated in the SEC," he said. "Every day, you have to bring your ‘A’ game, no matter what you’re doing. But it’s invigorating. As a competitor, you want to go up against the best each and every day."
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