Jeff Badet and Jojo Kemp to UK?


Jojo Kemp and Jeff Badet are going to commit to UK. Kemp at 7:00AM and Badet at 7:15AM.

Kemp: "The main thing I like about Kentucky is the environment it's located in, Lexington .. it reminded me of DeLand and that's the kind of environment I want to be in," Kemp said. "The coaching staff has been good to me. They've been honest and they are one of the few schools that really talked about my parents and my family ... getting down on the plane to come see them."

Badet: "When I went there, the first thing I told myself was I wasn't going to get caught up in the hype ... me just being there I just felt comfortable around [the players] ... I just felt like I was back home at Florida hanging out with my guys at Freedom High School, so that was a big plus for me."

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