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Kentucky Wildcats Caption Corner ... A Breather

I think we should have some fun instead of reiterating the whys of the basketball loss. Call it a tiny diversion if you must. Imagine the Sunday morning second-guessing that Urban is now facing. Things are not so Rosy for him.

Andy Lyons

It feels like it has been a year since we last had one of these, but it's been barely over a month.  I apologize, I've been really busy.

The last one featured the Ol' Ball Coach talking to Coach Stoops.  We had lots of great captions for this installment and I will admit that I literally laughed out loud at many of them.  Thank you all for every single laugh.

The first place trophy this time goes to:

Spurrier- "And after my eleventh bourbon, I was up on top of that buildin’, naked as the day I was born! Clowney had to call the fire department to come get me!"

Stoops- "Oh my."

by James Streble

Great choice, if you ask me.

We had a two-way tie for second place.  Those ribbons go to:

That guy right there...

…bites the head off a fightin’ rooster every game. Get you a dude to fight a real wildcat or something and BAM, you’ll win!


Yessir, use a 4 iron, draw it around that tree

and the ball will hit Muschamp right in the spunk holders.

Great job, guys.

✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥

This installment features some fun from the B1G championship game.  Head coaches Urban Meyer and Mark Dantonio are discussing their teams.  There was just something about this photo that appealed to me.  Maybe it is the grin on Dantonio's face, but maybe it was the #18 on a green jersey, I'm not sure.  What do you think they are saying to each other?

Once again, if anyone is new to the Caption Corner, you simply select your favorite caption by recommending (clicking on the rec ✫) directly under the comment of your choice.