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Kentucky loses to Baylor 67-62: Post Game Open Thread

A weak, half-hearted second half dooms the Wildcats in Arlington.

Streeter Lecka

This is going to be brief, because it is late. James will have the full postmortem later.

Kentucky lost this game because they have no heart. That's my opinion. They allowed Baylor to completely dominate them in the second half . They got thrashed on the offensive glass, they failed to move the zone or defend the pick and roll. This basketball team is really not very good defensively, and if they don't make shots and rebound well, they are extremely vulnerable.

I am very displeased with this effort. It shows an entitlement mentality, and a complete lack of a defensive identity. They have an offensive identity, no doubt, but you cannot be half a team. You can't.

This loss is a big one, and it matters a heck of a lot. This is the kind of loss that will deny Kentucky a #1 seed, and it was largely preventable. This was a bad loss despite the fact that Baylor is a good team, and it is perhaps a harbinger that we just don't have what we hoped for.

With that said, it is possible that this was a bump in the road that Kentucky needs to get straight. We don't know which, but I personally am very uncomfortable at this moment that we can do enough in the non-conference season to earn a #1 seed, even if we win out from here. You can't lose these kind of games — you just can't. Not if you want to win it all. This one hurts, and it's not just a bruise, it's a bone-bruise.

Folks, there is no sugar-coating it. No matter how good Baylor was, and honestly, they were good but not THAT good, this is a very, very bad loss for UK. Don't be offended, Baylor, you played well and deserved to win, but this is about us. Not you.

That's my opinion.  Talk about it.  See you tomorrow.