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Kentucky Wildcats Women's Basketball: Wildcats vs. Baylor Bears

To lead off the tilt in Arlington, the Lady Bears and the Lady Wildcats take the floor for the first game of our doubleheader.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the night for the double-header we have been waiting for. First the Kentucky hoops team takes on the Baylor Lady Bears tonight, this time sans the incredible (and now in the WNBA) Brittney Griner. That gives me some hope that Kentucky can win, and for a fact, the Wildcats are ranked above the Bears at the moment, but not by much: #5 vs. #9.

Here is the writeup on the game from Unfortunately, I don't have sufficient free time to properly cover the hoops team and the men's team, and since Greg is on hiatus right now due to matters beyond his control, we're going to just have to ad-lib women's coverage as best we can. Anyone interested in taking over the gig can reach me at the email address on the masthead.

But for now, we know that this UK team, when at its best, is a nightmare defensively. They gave Baylor difficulty even with Griner, although Griner was such an amazing player that we could never find a way to defeat them with her on the team. Even without her, it is going to be a major job to knock off this Lady Bears team in their back yard.

I hope you are all safe from the depredations of the weather. Go, 'Cats!