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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Jarrod Polson Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Jarrod Polson nominated for the NABC Good Works team. Louisville assistant Clint Hurtt takes a shot at Kentucky on Facebook. Dyshawn Mobley praised by Neal Brown. More.


Jarrod Polson was nominated for membership on the NABC Good Works team this morning. Congratulations to Jarrod for this honor.

Tweet of the Morning:

Ugh. Better now than later. Get better fast, Javess.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • The Dayton Daily News talks about several of the Dayton area recruits that help make Kentucky's recruiting class the best in recent memory, maybe the best ever.

  • Dyshawn Mobley gets some well-deserved props from Neal Brown. He was a very pleasant surprise this season.

  • Bud Dupree unsure if he will return. If he enters the draft, that would be a very big hit to next season's defense.

  • Louisville assistant Clint Hurtt:

    U of L assistant football coach Clint Hurtt added to the fire on Monday through a post to his Facebook page that caused a social media stir on both sides of the Governor’s Cup battle.

    "Alright I had some idiot Kentucky fan say to me we need to get ready for the Wildcats because their young players got better because they play in the SEC..." Hurtt posted to his public Facebook account. "I said correction you don't play in the SEC you just participate. You only play when you actually WIN."

    Rivalry aside, this is an extremely impolitic thing for a coach to say publicly. I say it gets taped on every UK player's locker with a mandate to reread it every single day until next season's game. It's also passing strange that a guy who lied to the NCAA should be talking smack, but then again, may be not so much.

    Enjoy your seminars on how to behave ethically, Clint. I doubt they'll sink in, though — such things as ethics and good manners probably have little meaning for you.

Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports
College football
  • Kevin at Saturday Down South says the new football playoff will change the Iron Bowl. I suppose he's right, in that the loser isn't automatically disqualified from the CFB Playoff. With that said, I think it will still be seen as a "must win" game for everybody involved.

  • Auburn AD thinks the SEC champion deserves a shot at the BCS Championship.  This smacks of irrational hubris to me.

  • Could an Iron Bowl rematch happen for the BCS Championship? Only if Florida St. loses to Duke. Not at all likely, unless Jameis Winston is somehow ineligible, and even then not very likely. OSU would also have to lose to Michigan St., which is much more likely, but not enough.

College basketball
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