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Louisville at Kentucky: Second Half Game Thread

What a first half! Kentucky is playing better than they have all year, but they left about 10 points on the floor.

Can you say, "Beast mode?"  I knew you could
Can you say, "Beast mode?" I knew you could
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about all of you, but I feel like I just ran a mile. My heart rate is nearly in the aerobic zone, and I am all but sweating my Nike DryFit to death. I have bee so into this basketball game that I don't think I'll have a voice tomorrow, and I can barely type.

Two words: Rivalry Game.

Here are the stats:

Box score:

Julius Randle is exactly as he is supposed to be — unstoppable. Louisville cannot guard him any better than they could guard DeMarcus Cousins if he were to fly in from Sacramento. It is beyond a mismatch.

But Kentucky has made mistakes, and costly ones. They have missed seven free throws, and if that doesn't change, they are going to lose this game. Also, where in the world is Aaron Harrison? He has defended pretty darn well, but he hasn't been able to put the ball in the basket. We need more from him.

Kentucky needs to continue what they are doing now, because Louisville has not shown that they can stop it. If they adjust, Kentucky will need to change what they are doing. But no matter what, the Wildcats need to keep taking the ball to the basket and scarfing up every offensive rebound. If they can do that, they are going to foul Louisville out of the game, and if they can make free throws, they will be in a good place.

Go, 'Cats!