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Kentucky Basketball: Calipari's Pre-Louisville Press Conference

John Calipari addressed the media today in regards to the Louisville game tomorrow.


Here we have Calipari's pre-game comments, and they are pretty much the standard fare for Calipari's pre-Louisville conferences (and pre-game conferences in general). Here's a few notable things I picked up on:

  • Calipari gets that this is an important game in regard to seeding, although he didn't say that outright. What he said was that these are the kinds of games you don't get that many shots at. From my perspective, he gets that the road to a top seed is much easier with this game as a victory than not. With that said, opportunities may still arise, or they may not.

  • Three things he identified: Play more like a team rather than a collection, respond to adversity, and have more of an edge.

  • Thinks both teams will have "an issue" with the rivalry. This was in response to a question about the game back in 2009 that got so physical, and DeMarcus Cousins famously rubbed his elbow on Jared Swopshire's head.

  • Made a good point about how Louisville defends, that is that they are a zone team who will occasionally chase a cutter, but fundamentally a zone team.

  • Praised Alex Poythress' practice, the team's GPA, and wants them to quit worrying about the official's calls or making a bad play. He just wants them to "battle."

There's much more in there to talk about, so... you know, talk about it.