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Kentucky Basketball: Wildcat Chatter Episode 4

The front page authors at A Sea of Blue get together once again to talk Kentucky Wildcats sports. This episode is a brief look back at North Carolina and Belmont, and a look ahead to Louisville.

Once again, several of the front-page authors from A Sea of Blue get together to talk Kentucky Wildcats sports. This time it was Alex again as the moderator, James, Will, Ken Howlett (first appearance!) and myself. We cover the last two Kentucky games briefly before moving on to Louisville, upon which we spend quite a bit of time. Unlike previous episodes, there is no football talk, because at this moment, there is simply nothing to talk about. That will change fairly early in the new year.

I think you'll particularly enjoy the Louisville game insights, and we'd all appreciate it if you'd share your insights in the comments below.  You can expect our next episode in the second week of the new year.  Even though we recorded this on Monday, I didn't want it to get buried by the holiday.

If for some reason this embedded player does not work for you, or you want to listen to it later on an iPod or whatever, you can download the episode to your machine from here.


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