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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Boxing Day Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Former Kentucky point guard Anthony Epps talks about his daughter, and the Kentucky men's team. Former Wildcat Perry Stevenson now coaching in Lexington. More.

Boxing Day is an occasion for races in New Zealand
Boxing Day is an occasion for races in New Zealand
Fiona Goodall

Today is Boxing Day in most former British colonies and a few other places. Boxing Day is the day when servants and tradespeople would receive gifts from their employers, known as "Christmas boxes."

So happy Boxing Day, A Sea of Blue!

Tweet of the Morning:

Rings true to me.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • The Kentucky-Louisville rivalry brings passion, but also quite a bit more. The two school's partisans and recent success have fueled the rivalry to higher heights lately. This year, where the two teams are both national contenders, it will be an intense atmosphere.

  • Does winning with freshmen look harder now because Calipari made it look so easy earlier? Well, I think that the relative lack of success compared to expectations is what drives this type of question. It's never "easy" to win with freshmen, just as it's never easy to win with experienced teams. You just have to teach experienced teams less, which usually makes them better early.

  • Catching up with former Wildcat Perry Stevenson, who is now coaching at Lexington Christian Academy.

  • As a frequent Waffle House customer, I endorse this picture.

  • Louisville's Russ Smith has a history of big games in Rupp Arena. Well, perhaps he's due for a change.

  • Does the dislike between Calipari and Pitino really make the rivalry hotter? Maybe a little, but in my view, it really isn't all that big a factor. What is a factor is the success the two teams have enjoyed over the last few seasons.

  • Kyle Tucker talks about the Louisville-Kentucky game. I'm not surprised the players don't get it, you have to live through a couple of them. It also helps to be from around the Bluegrass, but we see so little of that nowadays from either squad, because frankly, Kentucky doesn't produce that many quality players anymore.

  • Some Kentucky media members talk about who be the key player the game this weekend. I think the key player for Kentucky will be Julius Randle. When his offensive rating gets to about 120 or over, Kentucky seems unbeatable. For Louisville, it seems like Montrezl Harrell is the guy that they need to play well.

  • Anthony Epps thinks Kentucky fans are making too bid a deal about body language. I agree.

College football
College basketball