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Belmont 43, Kentucky 41: Second Half Game Thread

Belmont shot lights out in the first half. Can Kentucky defend better in the second?

Andy Lyons

There are an awful lot of things to complain about, but honestly, they are essentially the same things that we have been complaining about.  This team is unwilling to defend, and it showed in that half.

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The one thing you have to do against Belmont is guard the 3-point line, because if you don't, they can kill you.  Kentucky had to execute their offense better than they have all season just to get back to near even with the Bruins in the first half.  To be fair, Belmont made a lot of very deep threes and heavily challenged 2's that are statistically unlikely to keep falling.

What UK has to do in this half is simply refuse to yield a 3, and trust the defense to guard the rim against the drive.  I note that Andrew Harrison, if he returned after the Jarrod Polson substitution, didn't play much.  I don't think he returned, and frankly, the team ran much better under Polson than Harrison.

The Wildcats can easily win this game, but they have to force Belmont to shoot inside the arc.  If they do that, they should be fine.  If they let Belmont shoot threes, this game is going to go sideways.

Go, 'Cats!