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Kentucky Basketball: AP and Coaches Poll Analysis

Time to sort through the poll wreckage after Kentucky loses their third game this season.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky falls from 11 to 19 in the new Associated Press poll. The USA Today/Coaches poll has us now at #21. Naturally, when you lose games, you go down, and unfortunately, Kentucky has lost every big game it has played up until now.

I thought it would be helpful to combine to two polls to make it easier to see how they both shake out, and to make it easier to comment on the disparities and relative value of the two. So here is our table, and following it, my comments.

TEAM AP Rank Coaches Rank AP FP Votes Coaches FP Votes
Arizona 1 1 63 30
Syracuse 2 2 2 1
Ohio State 3 2
Wisconsin 4 6

Michigan State 5 5

Louisville 6 4

Oklahoma State 7 7

Villanova 8 12

Duke 8 8

Connecticut 10 10

Wichita State 11 9

Baylor 12 15

Oregon 13 11

North Carolina 14 18

Memphis 15 14

Florida 16 17

Iowa State 17 13

Kansas 18 19

Kentucky 19 21

Colorado 20 24

Gonzaga 21 15

Massachusetts 22 20

Missouri 23 25

San Diego State 24 23

  • There is a mighty big disparity between the AP's view of Villanova and that of the coaches. Ken Pomeroy sees the Wildcats as the #4 team in the land, and the Wildcats have the second best defense in the nation. The coaches look worse on this one, especially considering Villanova has defeated Kansas, Iowa, and a decent Delaware team.

  • I have to say, North Carolina didn't get all that much love for beating Kentucky, especially from the coaches, who have them at #18 and UK at #21

  • Based on their record, I think UMass deserves to be significantly higher, somewhere near the mid-teens. Guess they haven't convinced people yet.

  • The coaches think more highly of Iowa St. than the AP does. Interesting. Not sure who is more right on that one.

  • Gonzaga has the biggest differences at 21 in the AP and 15 in the coaches. Pomeroy agrees more with the coaches, and so do I.

Your comments?