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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Mack Brown Farewell Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky loses to North Carolina. Mack Brown resigns as Texas head coach, coaching search heard 'round the world begins. UK hoops defeats ETSU. More.

Erich Schlegel

The news came down yesterday that Mack Brown would "retire" from coaching the Texas Longhorns. That is huge news for the college football world, because Texas is the 800# football gorilla, and that job among the greatest in all of college sports.

Tweet of the Day:

I laughed long and hard at this one. I have no idea who "Asher" is, but I don't think it matters.

Your Quickies:

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  • You know, I read this and all I could think was, "Shut up, Dakich," and "Up yours, Jerry." Your mileage may vary.

  • Calipari's non-replaced hip is now giving him trouble. That stinks.

  • Five reasons Kentucky lost to UNC. I'll take issue with free throws. That wasn't really a reason, it was a minor contributor. I think the biggest contributor was unmentioned — lack of defensive intensity in the second half.

  • Cohesiveness will come. What we need to improve now is simply execution. If Kentucky had executed better on both ends of the floor, they would have won this game. But bad turnovers, poor defense and missing easy opportunities did them in again.

  • Matt Wheatley at KSR thinks Kyle Wiltjer would have helped. Maybe. We'll never know.

  • Rob Dauster says we shouldn't write off the Wildcats as a national contender. I agree, but I don't really think this is right:

    They also don’t have any perimeter depth. Their three best perimeter players are, more or less, their only three perimeter players. Alex Poythress is not a small forward, but he’s Kentucky’s first wing off the bench. Dominique Hawkins and Jarrod Polson are a great story, but they should be getting spot minutes when Kentucky is in foul trouble, not playing a significant role in UK’s rotation.

    We have five players for three positions. At most schools, that is plenty of perimeter depth. Alex Poythress is completely capable of serving time at the three, he's really a 3/4 hybrid. So this objection, unlike the rest of the article, is overwrought.

  • 2016 #1 recruit Harry Giles was at the Kentucky-UNC game. That could have worked out better for us, I think.

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  • Wescott Eberts talks about Mack Brown's resignation news conference. I found this significant:

    Saying that life is too short for negative energy, Brown said that he it wasn't fair for the players and their families to go through all the questions about his job security, questions that have persisted since 2010 as Brown fought to get things back for the next coach, a process he was never quite able to complete.

    I like a self-aware man.

  • JC25 (yes, the same guy that writes about recruiting for A Sea of Blue) talks about the perception of Mack Brown vs. the reality, apparently before he resigned:

    The perception is a diehard fanbase disillusioned with its program. At this point, a no-expenses paid trip to the pit of despair sounds like a better idea than attending a Mack-coached football game in Austin. Oh wait, that's reality. Sorry.


  • Scipio Tex derides Saban Fever in Austin:

    Even if Texas had every duck in a perfect, orderly row, Nick Saban could still say no. And I'm guessing our ducks were all over the place, humping decoys and diving in the toilet bowl. Let's be clear: Powers vote of confidence fowled the promise of any Saban golden goose. So Saban shrugged and signed a million dollar a year raise. Process wins again.


  • Speak of the devil, Nick Saban denies ever being interested in the Texas job. I believe him. Why make a lateral move at this point in his career. It would be like Calipari leaving Kentucky to coach Duke, it just makes no sense.

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