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Kentucky Wildcats 30, North Carolina 33: Second Half Game Thread

That was a frustrating first half. Hopefully, the second will be better.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, you just have to hold your tongue. I am holding mine right now.

Okay, Kentucky had some problems in that half, many of them (but by no means all) of their own making. With extraordinarily horrible free throw shooting, excessive turnovers, and poor shot selection, it is a plain miracle that Kentucky is only down 3 points at the half.

I have to say that the Wildcats absolutely must play better in the second half to have any chance of winning. The first half was chaotic, often ugly and always on the edge of being out of control. Kentucky seems to have no idea when to be aggressive and when to back off, it's as if the polarity of the universe suddenly shifted 180 degrees. Perhaps the moment is simply too big for them. I don't know.

But the 'Cats are still firmly in this, as two points of the deficit are due to a late Calipari technical foul, which was badly needed, but which comes at a price. Hopefully, it has the desired effect. If not, he may want to get ready to watch the game from the locker room.

This is the biggest half of basketball, upcoming, that Kentucky has faced all season. We're going to find out in the next hour or so what this team is made of. Their backs are against the wall in a badly needed game against a major foe.

Man up, Wildcats.