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Kentucky Football: Bud Dupree Returning For His Senior Year

Kentucky got great news today when it announced that Alvin "Bud" Dupree would eschew the NFL draft for his final season in Blue and White.

Bud Dupree (2) is returning for his senior year.
Bud Dupree (2) is returning for his senior year.

With the news that Dyshawn Mobley will be transferring comes offsetting good news; Bud Dupree, Kentucky's best non-senior defensive player, will be returning next season for his final year.

Losing Mobley made me sad, as well as he played at the end of the season, but keeping Dupree makes me really, really glad. It is such an outstanding bit of news to get, and timely, too.

Mark Stoops's squad really struggled on defense last year. But with the incoming help, the maturation of the defensive backfield, and now with Dupree coming back to give us the experience and skill we need, I am hopeful that the UK defensive unit can be much more effective next season. I think it is quite likely that Dupree will move back to the linebacking corps and Jason Hatcher taking his spot at defensive end.

The reverse is also possible, I guess, but I don't consider it as likely.  Kentucky has a lot of depth at DE, but needs experience at linebacker.

So I guess the bad news is offset by even better news. I saw that Wild Weasel mentioned this earlier in the Quickies, so I wanted to give him a hat tip as well.