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Kentucky Football: Bad News About Dyshawn Mobley

Dyshawn Mobley was really strong in the late part of this season, but he's decided to move on.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

I suppose this shouldn't surprise me, but it does. Dyshawn Mobley, the big power running back that made such an impression on special teams that he began to earn a larger and larger role in the offense, has decided to transfer:

To be fair, Kentucky is loaded at running back next season. Not only will Jojo Kemp, a sometime starter be returning, but Josh Clemons will also be returning, hopefully healthy. Then there is Nebraska transfer Braylon Heard, who will be eligible next season after redshirting this season.

In addition, you have 4-star Mikel Horton, another even bigger power back coming in next season along with the top all-purpose running back in the 2014 class, Stanley Williams. That means that playing time is going to be hard to find for backs next season, and Kentucky will be deep like never before in the position.

We wish Dyshawn all the best, and I lament his leaving, as he really showed something late in the season. But given the glut of backs Kentucky has now, I think I get why he would want to look elsewhere.