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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Nick Saban Watch Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky hoops plays DePaul tonight, DaNesha Stallworth out for a month with minor knee surgery. Kentucky football hosts 20 official visits this weekend. More.

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Today is simply loaded with Nick Saban news, speculation, angst, humor ... you name it. I suspect we're going to see a lot of this until Texas hires Saban a new coach.

Tweet of the Morning:

The tweets were kinda tin this morning, but this is about as cold-blooded a shot as you will ever see to win a game.  Click on the link to see it happen.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Rupp Arena attendence is falling, and Kentucky is noticing. John Clay points out most of the obvious likely culprits, and I think the biggest is the lack of quality home games. Mitch Barnhart may suggest Calipari rethink that a bit. That seems to be the easiest way to reverse this trend.

  • Julius Randle says he can do better than his double-double against Boise St. I agree.

  • Revisiting the Kentucky-North Carolina rivalry. It's a really long post.

Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball
  • Wisconsin is now 11-0. Bo Ryan is an amazing coach, even though I think most of us agree that his style is not exactly thrill-a-minute. And notice, they haven't by any means played a cupcake schedule, having defeated Florida, St. Johns, Virginia, an St. Louis — all good teams.

  • Notre Dame is struggling this season, dropping a home game to North Dakota St. Actually, ND State is a pretty darn good team, I saw some of this game.

  • Steve Alford is apparently recruiting very well at UCLA. But will it be good enough? UCLA fans long for relevance again, and although they've hardly faded completely into the background, it's not as if they are making Kentucky and North Carolina toss and turn at night.

    Bruins Nation isn't unhappy with the news, but they can't get away from the Bryce Alford thing. In case you're wondering, Bryce Alford is UCLA's Saul Smith. Every bit of it.

Other sports news
Other news
  • I suppose there's a small chance you haven't seen this. This is the University of Kentucky's a cappella singing group called the acoUstiKats:

    I think they're darn good.

  • Sigh. So when was the last time you searched "facebook" on Google rather than just tyyping "" into your browser's address bar?