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Kentucky 39, Providence 35: Second Half Game Thread

Kentucky is very fortunate to be ahead in this game.

Andy Lyons

The one thing that UK has done better than anybody in the country is rebound the basketball.  Tonight, they are getting dominated on the offensive glass by a team that should not be able to do that.  That is why the Providence Friars are still in this basketball game and not down 10 ... well, that and the fact that the Friars are 6 of 8 from the arc.

Kentucky has got to find a way to get on the offensive glass in the second half.  They cannot continue to allow the Friars to get second shots, because the second shots are what is killing them.

Willie Cauley-Stein is having a great game in every way, but Julius Randle is absolutely not up to par.  They are double-teaming Randle on the touch, and doing so effectively.  Randle must learn to find open teammates when that happens, and his teammates have to space the floor better so that they are available to make Providence pay.

Let's hope for better rebounding in the second half, because if we let the Friars hang around, they are going to be very dangerous in the end.