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Kentucky Wildcats Sunday Quickies: Providence Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Nation. Kentucky Hoops plays Louisville today. Kentucky men's basketball travels to New York to play Providence. Mark Stoops talks about loss to Tennessee. More.

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Brent Pease is out as Florida's offensive coordinator.
Brent Pease is out as Florida's offensive coordinator.

Tonight, Kentucky travels up to the marvelous Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY for a tilt with Providence. This will be an outstanding test for Kentucky, as the competition for the Wildcats begins to ramp up.

Tweet of the Morning:

Heh. I am sure that the head coach had nothing at all to do with that. Nah.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Neal Brown thinks we need playmakers, not more effort. Well, yes, but what we really need is an offensive line. Brown agrees:

    "I did think this – and I’ll say this about the kids we have right now: the results weren’t what we wanted but our kids did play hard. We didn’t have an effort issue. We didn’t have an effort issue at all this year. We’re just – we’re real thin at offensive line. We’re real thin and those guys are banged up and it showed – showed big tonight.

  • Bud Dupree: Will he stay or will he go?

  • The curtain closes on Mark Stoops' first act as head football coach. It was a disappointing show, but one I was ready for.

  • Mark Stoops post-Tennessee press conference:

  • Mark Story repeats essentially the same argument I (among others) have made on here about the quarterback situation. The problem is, there is no clear solution.

Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky Sports
College football
  • USA Today coach's poll out today. Alabama's drop is rather precipitous considering the circumstances, but I suppose it's hard to put them in front of Auburn, even though I would have. At a neutral site, Alabama is likely a better team, and the Auburn win was very fluky.

  • From the Land of Foregone Conclusions:


    SB Nation's Andy Hutchins has more.

  • Florida St. #1 for the first time since 2000. I wonder if Mark Stoops is having any remorse — he'd most likely be coaching in the BCS championship if he hadn't come to UK

College basketball
  • Tennessee is shaping up to be very tough this season.

  • LSU desperately needs a win versus Butler today to avoid a 3-game skid. They'd better stop turning the ball over if they want to avoid that ignominious fate.

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