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Missouri Tigers at Kentucky Wildcats: Live Game Thread

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The Tigers come to town for a cat-fight with the Wildcats.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Once again today, the Wildcats have an opportunity to excel, and upset a ranked team at home. I don't think most of us figured to face a ranked Missouri at the beginning of the season, but the Tigers have most definitely earned their status as a ranked team, and they are unquestionably superior to Kentucky.

With that said, the Wildcats have been trending upward, and are almost to the point where an upset would not be a huge shock. While I don't really expect one today, let me say that if it happens, I won't be too surprised.

What Kentucky must do to win

  • Find a defensive combination that slows down Missouri's balanced run/pass attack;

  • Attack the Tigers on offense on every possession. Kentucky must put up at least 30 points to have any chance in this game;

  • Get pressure on whoever the Mizzou quarterback is, consistently. Despite hopes that Kentucky's defensive line would be a strength this season, it manifestly has not been.

  • Convert third downs. Kentucky has failed to convert 3rd downs at an alarming rate this year. Now would be a great time to remedy that.

  • Use special teams as a weapon. This would be a fine game to pull out all the stops on special teams, and take some risks.

As with most games the Wildcats have played this season, they are substantial underdogs, even at home. But sooner or later, this team is going to find something and surprise somebody — I can just feel it coming. It may not come today, but it will come.