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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Fear The Brow Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Anthony Davis has a huge game for the Pelicans. Kentucky prepares for Missouri in football, UNC Asheville in basketball, and Marist in Hoops. Jon Hood's tires slashed. More.

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Well, today is Thursday, and we have a ridiculous three days coming up in which Kentucky has two basketball games, a women's basketball game, a football game and a partridge in a pear tree. I'm sure there's other stuff as well, but you get the idea.  Greg is unavailable for his normal column today, so yours truly is filling in.  He should be back tomorrow.

Tweet of the Morning:

Fear the Brow, indeed!

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Kansas City Star previews the Kentucky-Missouri game.

  • Special teams has been a real strength of Kentucky this season, and Mark Stoops is recognizing that.

  • Coaching can be bad for your health.

  • Stoops has reason for optimism at Kentucky, according to Saturday Down South:

    Every Saturday, Kentucky’s seemed to be a couple players — or plays — away from being a seven or eight-win football team. A missed tackle on a third-and-short late the fourth quarter at South Carolina sealed a one-score defeat while a rushed incompletion on fourth down in Starkville snuffed out a possible final-minute rally. Those narrow losses are building blocks for a program that hasn’t finished with a winning record since Morgan Newton’s senior season in 2009 and much more respectable than the bevy of defeats that have happened since.

  • Is Mizzou a model for Stoops & Co. to follow?

Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky Sports
College football
College basketball
  • As you may or may not know, Nebraska has a shiny new arena for their college basketball team, and David McGee of Corn Nation asked me to offer commentary on what makes a great basketball atmosphere for an article he was writing. You can read my comments, as well of those of bloggers from other basketball powerhouses such as North Carolina and Duke in his piece over at Corn Nation.

  • Sizing up the SEC.

  • This is the kind of silliness that the NCAA rules can create, and when the NCAA tries to enforce them, it makes them look like morons. I don't blame O'Neil for taking shots at them, but clearly, this needs to be a shot at the rules themselves. The NCAA has got to do better than this. Change that dumb rule. Please.

  • Andrew Wiggins isn't exactly tearing it up in exhibitions. He will get better, but as I have said many times, Wiggins is not Julius Randle when it comes to a killer instinct. He is more of a complementary player with extraordinary athleticism.

Other sports news
  • In today's links that ONLY Wild Weasel could bring you, we have this offering:

    Thanks WW.

  • Whoa! Okay, this is flat-out sick. Look at where his head is!

    Via Evan Daniels.