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Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: The News In Blue 11/4/2013

Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: Where there are two things every member of the Big Blue Nation can do: work a grill and coach Basketball!

This is probably Jalen's best Heisman pose! A great effort by everyone last weekend!
This is probably Jalen's best Heisman pose! A great effort by everyone last weekend!
Andy Lyons

The Kentucky team that won the 2012 title had the talent, plus a mixture of experience, work ethic and unselfish behavior from each player. Those Wildcats handled the exposure and level of competition. This Kentucky team might do that as well, but it's not unrealistic to hedge just a bit because of the lack of experience. This squad has the size, the girth, the athleticism, the defensive pressure ability, but we'll see if it has the shooting and the patience to win a title.-Andy Katz

Let that sink in for a few minutes. While it does, here is the piece that it comes from. The ESPN Power Rankings. Eamonn Brennan says this is going to be the Year of The DDMO. All the pieces fit better than ever before. I think he's right. If this were just Cal being upset, I would worry. In this case, I think the players are being as hard or harder on themselves than Cal. That is encouraging. In a lot of ways. So, what did the young Cats do? They did what they were supposed to do. What will they do tonight? I wouldn't want to be Montevallo. So, are you one of the people raising an eyebrow at the UK Recruiting for next season? Don't be. We are gonna be fine. John Feinstein is lamenting the game of college basketball's past, and present, and future. Some people are just never happy about anything. These guys just wanna have fun, go to class, play basketball, and win it all. Get to know each and every member of the Kentucky Wildcats Men's Basketball team from the players themselves right here.

Just for your viewing pleasure, Marcus Lee has a pic here handling the pumpkin at an early age. Coach Cal liked it so much, he is going to have to find Marcus some more playing time. Marcus is but one reason that UK has the #1 frontcourt in the nation,according to

What came out of the Alabama State game, other than a win? Injuries, of course. Here is a great photo gallery of the game on Saturday. Savor it, it might be our last win of the season. But then again...

Win #3 this weekend held some special meaning for yours truly. Kayla Bowlin, a young lady playing for Eckerd College out of Florida put up 8 pts and 2 assists against the UK Hoops Squad. That was almost 25% of Eckerd's total offensive output for the night. The Hoops Squad destroyed Eckerd 83-35. As someone who got to work with Kayla when she was very young and developing as a guard in her elementary school years, I can tell you that I never saw a young girl so intense and focused on the game. So intent on winning, on improving, and making others around her better too. If all she was able to put up against UK (admittedly, her small stature works against her) was 8 points, I cannot fathom how much work and perseverance the Kentucky Women must have to make it to this level.

Kayla was the best I ever saw at her position come through this county. A more coachable kid does not exist. She is a fine person as well. She never let up, she never quit, and she never took a play off. It is not in her. I hope she remembers her playing days with fondness, and she takes that never say die attitude of hers on through everything she does in life. Congrats, Kayla. You made it to UK. The team doesn't matter. The effort does. I really feel honored to have been around her and being involved with her school career. Even in a very small way. She saw some great triumphs on the court in Kentucky, and win or lose, Sunday was one of them. Now we take you back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Kayla, today's video is in your honor:

And now for The Rest Of The Stories- OK, I knew that college could be rough for freshmen. Hazing, belittlement, abuse, and embarrassment are a huge part of campus life your first year. But NFL Football? Come on Ritchie, couldn't you be a little more incognito? Gary Kubiak collapsed in Texas on Sunday during the Texans game. No word yet on why. I like Gary. Get well soon, Coach. Is Tony Romo through being the guy who can't pull out a big win for his team? Maybe so.

Florida State has regained the #2 spot behind Bama in the polls. Looks like the NCAA Championship may be a southern event this year. Again. After a weekend of tweets being attributed to him that were rather scandalous concerning former UK player Anthony Davis, Kevin Ware is getting back into the gym for his first full-contact practice at Louisville. If they practice like they play, he better go in wearing battle armor. Remember the Ole Miss girl? Well, that's not the only video coming from the Rebels. Seems they like Halloween, too.

Now for The Links That Wild Weasel Would Never Bring You- An art find of epic proportions in Germany after almost 80 years of being lost. We talked last week about TV and sports, and the changes that you may see very soon in how you watch games and other programming. Let the games beginWhen your therapist is worried about the local sports franchise leaving town, you are definitely in a pickle.

Our Tweet of The Day- This one is pretty self-explanatory, enjoy it. Our detractors will try and use it against us.