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Tennessee Volunteers at Kentucky Wildcats: Live Game Thread

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Here we go, Wildcats fans; our last chance for football glory in 2013.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the final live game thread of 2013 for the Kentucky football team. Tonight, we take on our old nemesis, the Tennessee Volunteers, in a game of national insignificance. It is a rivalry, however, and it is our Wildcats last shot at getting something positive out of this otherwise interminable season. The season has been just as long and miserable for the Volunteers as well, so we can at least commiserate a little with them even as we try to make theirs even worse.

How Kentucky Can Win

  • Move the football. I don't care if they throw it, or run it, or run hook-and-laterals. Somehow, Kentucky has to move the football and score points.

  • Make plays on special teams. Kentucky has really struggled lately getting it done on special teams. That has to change tonight.

  • Win the turnover battle. Kentucky hasn't done that very often this season.

  • Defend the run. Tennessee has been loathsome throwing the ball this season. Kentucky needs to stop them on the ground.

  • Don't beat themselves. Stupid penalties on drives, turnovers in the red zone, dropped passes, you name it — Kentucky has found more ways to beat themselves than I can think of. If they stop that, we have a chance.

  • Treat this game like a post-season game. UK has got to develop the habits and attitudes of winners if they are ever to become winners.

I go into this game with all the hope in the world. Why? The correct question is, "Why not?" Anyone can be down and negative, call it "pragmatic," and slink away. It's harder to fight through a second terrible season but still try to grasp the opportunity presented by a team almost as weak as Kentucky has been to get an SEC win and deny the Orange and White a positive end to their season.

Let's go, Wildcats. Get this one, and give us something to cheer about.