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UL Basketball - Move along, there's nothing to see here

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Having some fun at the expense of the Cardinals.

Louisville Courier-Journal-USA TODAY Sports

Our red feathered friends with false teeth (has anyone ever seen a real cardinal with teeth?) to the west on I-64 have "completed" an investigation of Kevin Ware and the borrowed car and have found no compliance issues. Also, Chane Behanan's ring was stolen. No problem. Right?

Imagine that.

If you like your Ware, you can keep him.

Chane Behannan's 2012 final four ring that was briefly on the auction block this week. Does anyone believe the results will be the same? After all, his ring was stolen, right? As Matt Jones says, where's the police report on the theft? Never mind that.

If you like your Behanan, you can keep him too!

A Tale of Two Cities

Adam Himmelsbach at the Louisville Courier Journal wrote this fluff piece on November 19th regarding Ware. He then followed that up with this piece of work on November 27th regarding Mr. Bohanan's ring.

If these two players were Kentucky players, imagine how the two writers at the Lexington Herald-leader would have responded. Mark Story would actually do some investigation. After all, two writers (Jeffrey A. Marx and Michael M. York) at the Herald-Leader have already won Pulitzer Prizes in 1986 for investigative journalism of UK basketball. Why not him, as well?

We all know that Jerry Tipton has been trying to expose the evil that is Kentucky basketball for years. Why? Tipton, I'm sure, wants a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting so he can proudly hang the award on his cubicle wall before he retires.

Search as you might, you won't find any Pulitzers awarded to the Courier-Journal for any kind of investigative journalism. This kind of investigative writing just isn't done up I-64.

The question for discussion becomes clear, if you think about it.

Does the Herald-Leader keep the University of Kentucky Athletics Department honest because UK knows this particular hometown newspaper is a watch dog, while the Courier-Journal is a house organ for the University of Louisville?

Many (probably a majority) UK fans dislike the Herald-Leader because this news outlet is always watching. UL fans have no such worries about the Courier Journal because of their "nothing to see here" attitude.

How do you feel about that?