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Eastern Michigan Eagles at Kentucky Wildcats: Live Game Thread

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The EMU Eagles make their second visit in as many seasons to Rupp Arena today.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

As this is an afternoon game on a workday, I realize that there will be fewer in here than normal for the game. Nonetheless, I'll be watching it from my favorite perch in Las Vegas for viewing games, the Harrah's sports book. Hopefully, this contest will not be as scary as the previous one, but as I pointed out in the pregame, this Eastern Michigan Eagles team is capable.

Here's what I'm hoping for today:'

  • Improved communication from everybody, particularly the Harrison twins;
  • Better 3-point shooting, and that will be a natural consequence of better shot selection;
  • A return to the kind of offensive efficiency that makes teams want to give up. There was no excuse for the mess on Monday.
  • A much more lopsided offensive rebounding percentage. EMU was right there against Kentucky last game.
  • Better production from Dakari Johnson. He should have an advantage in the post when he gets in the game;
  • Continued good free throw shooting. I trust Julius Randle to shoot them well most games, but our wing players are currently doing a poor job;
  • A commitment to play better against smaller, quicker guards. I'm looking at you, Harrison twins.

While it is possible for Kentucky to continue their reversion, it isn't likely. This team showed a lot of heart by coming back against Cleveland St., and now they need to show that they learned something valuable from the experience. This game should tell us that.

Go, 'Cats!