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Kentucky Wildcats 17, Georgia Bulldogs 59: Postmortem

Georgia crushes Kentucky between the hedges in Athens.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This is going to be the shortest postmortem in a long time, for the simple reason of my mother's advice to me: "If you can't say something good about somebody, be silent."  Unfortunately, I cannot say anything good about Kentucky.  And while I may be able to praise the Bulldog's play, I'm disinclined to do so.  I'll leave it to those of you who watched the game to figure out why.

I am saddened by the apparent injury to Aaron Murray.  Murray is a great player who does not deserve to spend the last couple of games Georgia plays dressed in street clothes.  I will pray tonight that his injury is minor, and his recovery, swift.

It's also a tough break for Jalen Whitlow to get hurt.  We needed him, even though he was manifestly inefficient against Georgia. This has been a tough season for Kentucky, and for Georgia as well because of injuries.  Despite the magnitude of Georgia's victory, I think every Dawg fan would take a much closer and hard-fought victory, if not a loss, in return for a healthy Murray.

Let's face it, Wildcat fans; this coaching staff is protecting its better players behind a redshirt, and has absolutely no intention whatever of burning any of them.  To be fair, that is probably wise, even if it seems a touch cold-blooded and subjects us to merciless beat-downs like this.  But to be fair, Kentucky was uncompetitive because they didn't play hard enough.  Georgia played harder, and thus the embarrassing score.

As a Kentucky fan, I refuse to go away, particularly considering our next opponent is the Tennessee Volunteers, who are not by any means as talented or powerful as Georgia.  I am as frustrated as any of you, and a part of me wants to rebel, and hide my face from the rest of the season.

But I cannot, and I will not.  For those of you that do, adieu and all the best.  For the rest of you... gird your loins.  The Volunteers will represent either our only SEC victory, or the exclamation point on a horrible season that we must find a way to forget.