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Kentucky Wildcats at Georgia Bulldogs: Live Game Thread

Kentucky goes down to Georgia tonight looking to steal a win at the Bulldogs' homecoming.

Kevin C. Cox

Tonight, the Kentucky Wildcats take on the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens. This is yet another very difficult game for Kentucky, who has had a total of 5 winnable games presented to them this year, and lost all but two of them. That doesn't leave room for much hope in this game.

Gameday information

What needs to happen for Kentucky to win:

  • Find a way to slow down Georgia. Be it blitzes, or double-teams on receivers, or whatever, Kentucky has to find a way to disrupt Georgia's powerful, balanced offense.
  • Be efficient on offense. Georgia will let Kentucky move the ball if they play the game with reasonable skill. If Kentucky can be offensively competent, they can give the defense time to rest, which gives UK a slight hope to put some game pressure on the Dawgs.
  • This is homecoming. A score on the first possession or a big defensive stand will go a long way to take the crowd down a notch.
  • Play well on special teams. Kentucky was great early in the season, but lately, they have really been bad. They need to turn that around.
  • If there was ever a game to pull fake punts, tick plays, and house blitzes, this is probably it.

This is a tough spot for Kentucky, let's be honest. We don't match up well with the Dawgs, we are as thin as paper in the secondary, our offense hasn't worked well for weeks. So what this means is we'll have to see dramatic improvement just for Kentucky to be competitive in this game. I hate to say that, but it's just the way it is. With that said ...

Go, 'Cats!!