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Kentucky Wildcats Saturday Quickies: Big Jorts Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Josh Harrellson gets some meaningful minutes for the Pistons. Kentucky plays Georgia tonight at 7:00. UK Rifle Team is in Alaska, UK women's soccer loses to UCLA in 2nd round of NCAA Tournament. More.

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Big Jorts got some big minutes in a losing cause for Detroit on Friday, and had 7 points and 5 rebounds. He's the only Piston without a guaranteed contract, but he's making the most of his opportunity.

Tweets of the Morning:

Things that make you go, "Hmmm...."

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • The case for Calipari to leave for the Knicks. This, like most of the other pieces, relies on William Wesley somehow selling Calipari on the idea, and basically suggests that CAA, who Wesley works for, is essentially in charge of the Knicks coaching decisions. It is well-written and logical, but I think it relies on many facts not in evidence and speculation that ignores reality in favor of connecting dots.

    Here's a question for you — does anyone think that Wesley, or anyone else Calipari legitimately considers a friend, would enter into negotiations without Calipari's consent? In other words, if Wesley "will be pushing" for Calipari, do you really think he would do that without Calipari's okay?

    Unlikely. If one of my friends did that, he'd be an ex-friend. It would suggest that Calipari is, and has been, looking for a way out of Kentucky to the pros — a common, but unlikely meme. More of a hope, really. Many, many people, all foes of Kentucky and Calipari, are invested in seeing him leave Kentucky. That's why you are seeing these sorts of pieces.

    Rush The Court is not one of them, by the way & — I know Randy well (he didn't write this, either) and he could never, ever be considered a foe of UK or Kentucky, trust me. But this Wesley/CAA stuff has been out there a while, and is mostly coming from UK and Calipari enemies who really, really want him to leave.

    That is not to suggest the piece is irrational, it isn't. The reasoning itself is logical, even if it does assume that Wesley is less a friend of Coach Cal and more of a money-grubbing agent — a perception that most people are happy to hold. Myself, I doubt this very much. I think their relationship is much deeper and more substantial than that.

  • Calipari thinks the team is "behind." Interestingly enough, Dominique Hawkins is cited as the guy who is nearest to where Calipari needs him to be. I think this is obvious by how hard he goes.

    One thing about having teams as talented as this is the tendency toward "prima donna-ism." That tendency has been developed by these young men over years, and Calipari is trying to suppress it in less than four months. Kind of gives you a perspective on how hard Cal's job is, doesn't it?

  • Calipari is "good" where he is, according to USA today:

    "I'm good where I am," Calipari said Friday. "I've said it publicly. What makes this unique … I was reading a new book, and it's about purpose – and the purpose here is real clear to me: I'm getting someone's child, and my job is to develop them in all areas, not just on the basketball court (but) to prepare them for reaching their dreams. And when they reach their dreams, they become successful and understand the bigger picture.

Other Kentucky Sports
College football
  • Year2 of Team Speed Kills has your picks for Week 13. Vandy over Tennessee? Hmm. I'm not so sure about that in Neyland. I think the Vols get it, based on what we saw last week.

  • Okay, freaking hilarious!

College basketball