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First Edition Of Wildcat Chatter

A Sea of Blue is starting a new Internet radio show to talk about the Wildcats.

Last night, Alex Scutchfield hosted James Streble, myself, and wamarsh (Will Marshall) in the first of a new series of Kentucky Internet radio shows.  When I say a "series," I mean it, although we haven't quite decided exactly what the timing for this will be.  We have done this before a few times, but this time we have been facilitated by SB Nation's relationship with Blog Talk Radio, who is supplying the means for our new venture.

As a work in progress, this first one has a couple of rough edges, but we'll definitely get better at it as we go.  We may add a few more bells and whistles to it going forward.  Right now, though, it's in the development stage and we are all working on figuring out how to leverage this in an interesting way without overdoing it.  As you might expect, that's a bit of a challenge, but it's one that we have embraced.

So without further ado, here is our inaugural edition of Wildcat Chatter.  It runs about 1 hour with the first half mostly football, and the second half mostly basketball.  Enjoy.