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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Tayshaun Prince Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Tayshaun Prince hits game winner for the Griz. Terrence Jones now a starter for the rockets. Women's basketball faces Lipscomb tonight. More.

Ezra Shaw

Florida St. star quarterback Jameis Winston has been accused of rape by a woman, and his DNA was associated with her. Don't draw conclusions, though: this story appears to be far from cut and dried.

Tweet of the Morning:

All righty, then. Prince is fitting right in with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • I know some have knocked the body language of the Harrison twins, but this is exactly why they are going to be so good this year. They get it. Consider:

    "We’re definitely getting back to having fun and it’s a growing process," Harrison said. "Everybody knows how tough it is. That’s what we signed up for. We just have to make sure we’re always on top of our game and practice hard every day. I’m having fun and I’m still learning. The game we lost (against Michigan State), I almost cried myself to sleep, (but) I’m just getting better every day, That’s the only thing that matters. "

  • Kentucky needs more from Poythress. No doubt about that. He started out gangbusters, just like last year, but the last two games have been underwhelming.

Other Kentucky Sports
College football
  • The lost season of Teddy Bridgewater and the Louisville Cardinals.

    Ah, schadenfreude, how could I live without thee? A BCS bowl bid now depends on other teams' failure, and their most likely destination is now something called the "Belk Bowl." Heisman hopes for Bridgewater? Long, shot. BCS championship game? Might as well be on Mars.

  • Pat Forde has more on Jameis Winston:

    It is, of course, vital to point out that this is a one-sided allegation. As of now, there are no charges against Winston – State Attorney Willie Meggs is weighing that right now. We have not heard Winston's side of the story, beyond his attorney Tim Jansen saying that the 19-year-old denies wrongdoing. Florida State athletic spokesman Elliott Finebloom told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday that the school will not be issuing any statements in response to the Tampa Bay Times Report.

    But until Wednesday we had heard neither side of the story. Now we have heard the complainant's side, and it isn't pretty. Going forward with a rape accusation is a perilous endeavor under any circumstance, but when the accused is at the height of national popularity that only ratchets up the stakes for all involved.

    Indeed. There are a lot more questions that need to be asked, and not just of Winston and his accuser. But at this moment, we need to let the legal system do its thing. But it's hard to understate the impact this could have on college football this season.

  • Maryland's going to have to get out the gold card to leave the ACC. Yikes.

College basketball
  • The questions surrounding Kevin Ware are not going away.

  • Consider this:

    Meanwhile, amidst a swirl of rumors, the team and school await NCAA rulings on the actions of Leslie McDonald and P.J. Hairston. Coming on the heels of agent shenanigans and academic fraud tied to Tar Heels football, it seems uncertainty, embarrassment and a sense of being at the mercy of others linger at North Carolina like a low-grade fever.

    North Carolina, right now, is "in the place that the eye does not see," to paraphrase the movie Avatar.

  • Ryan Harrow thriving at Georgia State. That's outstanding. I wish him nothing but the best, and it's great to see him playing so well. Hat tip: Aaron's blog.

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