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Alabama St. Hornets at Kentucky Wildcats: Live Game Thread

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Join the Wildcats community at A Sea of Blue for the Kentucky-Alabama St. football game.

Andy Lyons

Tonight, the Kentucky Wildcats take on the Alabama St. Hornets in an FBS/FCS matchup. Generally, this meets the definition of "cupcake" for most teams, but for Kentucky this year, nothing has come easily except for a very poor Miami (OH) team. Even though Alabama St. is an FCS squad, they are a good one, and are likely better than Miami is right now.

With that said, Kentucky is fairly healthy and should be more than a match for the Hornets tonight. The bad news is, for most of us, the game will be watched on computer or not at all.

Game particulars

Things to look for

  • Consistency of execution. Kentucky has struggled with this all season.

  • Jalen Whitlow. How will he do? Will his injuries slow him down?

  • The lines. Kentucky's lines should dominate. Will they?

  • Look for a big day for the running backs. If they get into the secondary, it's going to be hard to stop them.

  • How will we pick up the blitz on throwing downs?

  • Former Georgia bulldog Isaiah Crowell is the star running back for the Hornets. Crowell was dismissed from Georgia last season back in June. Can Kentucky bottle him up?

This is a game Kentucky should be able to win, but it isn't a game they can just sleepwalk through. Alabama St. has been a good football team all year, and even though they lack the depth and overall talent, particlarly on the lines, of an FBS school, you must take them seriously. Better teams than Kentucky have suffered losses to FCS schools.

Go, 'Cats!