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Kentucky Wildcats Lynx: The News In Blue 11/19/2013

If Texas had seceded from the United States, would we still be playing this game?

Don't turn your back on Mr. Hawkins, he will burn you.
Don't turn your back on Mr. Hawkins, he will burn you.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday brings us another bag of links for your viewing pleasure. So let's get started. Everyone is concerned about numbers, so here are a few. You can throw in a few stats about tonight's opponent as well. This stat may be the most telling about how this team will do up until January. Here is some more detail on tonight's opponent. I guess Julius Randle goes wherever he wants to these days.

Dominique Hawkins is a player that has to be reined in, according to Coach Cal, because he plays just that hard. If you plan on seeing the Cats live and in person, you may want to be near campus tomorrow, or the phone or computer. By the way, one of the teams on this list just knocked off UNC.

The UK Women's Basketball team is trying to give back the next few weeks. If you are attending a game, try and help. They also got some more TV added to their schedule, which always helps. If you haven't been over to their interactive site yet you might want to have a look. Lots of good stuff there this week.

The UK Football team may be headed into a hurricane this weekend with Georgia. The Bulldogs are unhappy and looking for a fight. Dawgs and Cats fighting is never a good thing, unless the Cats win of course. Then again, when you are going into a fight with a good sized portion of your team beaten and banged up, it never is an easy task. Coach Stoops still feels like the opportunities are there, they are just not being taken advantage of.

Here is some feel good video for today, a blast from the past, courtesy of

And now for The Rest of The Stories- I guess poor officiating is not germain only to SEC games. Or so Bill Bellichick says. If you are one of these NCAA Basketball teams, you better pray that you wipe the floor with your conference opponents, because you won't get any love come March playing schedules like these. Urban Meyer says that the BCS is a flawed system. No kidding Urban, you just now figuring that one out? Then again, you were not so concerned when you were in the Sunshine State. Looks like beating Kentucky took a little of the starch out of Michigan State. The SBNation guys are already prepping the first Mock NFL Draft.

Our Links That Wild Weasel Would Never Bring You- Some interesting details about The Gettysburg Address. I didn't know that Lincoln was not the featured speaker, did you? Someone tell me what the big deal is about Playstation 4? This is just off the charts bizarre. Tell me that Wal-Mart cannot do anything to make this better? I hope and pray that none of you had family in the Philippines during that typhoon. Jason Day lost more family than anyone.

Our Tweet of The Day is kinda self explanatory-

That is all...