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Kentucky Wildcats Lynx: Playing String Music 11/18/2013

A sad passing for SEC fans, followed by some sweet revenge for Kentucky, and Peyton Manning has still got it...all in today's Lynx.

Sorry, Julius. It's my turn.
Sorry, Julius. It's my turn.
Andy Lyons

Good Morning and welcome to Monday. This edition of the Wildcats Lynx starts off with some sad music for long time Wildcats fans. If you watched or listened to Kentucky games carried by the "undernetworks", which then sold those games to the big three back in the day, you have listened to color commentary by Joe Dean Sr. His trademark "Sweet String Music" was heard by many a Wildcats fan both for and against Kentucky. Dean passed away over the weekend at age 83. He was not only well-loved and respected, but he was a talented ball player in his own right, and also the AD at LSU for many years.

Perhaps his greatest achievement though, came when he was working as an advisor to LSU back in the 1970's and they needed a basketball coach to replace the legendary Press Maravich, father of Pistol Pete. Joe Sr.'s recommendation? A hard working assistant coach named none other than Dale Brown. Rare is the man with his accomplishments and his accolades, about whom I have never heard one negative word. My condolences go out to his family.

This is the only UK video I was able to locate with Joe's color commentary, courtesy of KSR. It does not contain his signature tag line, but listen and try to hear another Joe Sr. gem as he describes Kenny "Sky" Walker decimating Tennessee: Thanks for everything you were to the SEC, Joe. You will be missed.

Let's get ALL the negativity out of the way first. I started not to link to it, since Saturday is old news by now, however, for those who wish to tilt at windmills, here is everything I could find on the Cats Vs. Vandy game from Saturday, now better known as the "Will the real James Franklin please take a hike?" game. I will echo Glenn's sentiments here by simply saying, "nice cheap shot there, Coach". Franklin got two firsts on Saturday. The first time Vandy has beaten UK three straight in football, and the first time he ever came off looking like one of Robert Montgomery Knight's hunting buddies. He must have attended that Steve Spurrier coaching seminar back in June, "How to win fans and lose all respect". Excuse while I go shower so I don't feel so scummy after that last paragraph.

Ok, much better now. The Kentucky women polished off Central Michigan, 96-74. Another undefeated start for the Hoops Squad. Gotta love that. Central Michigan has definitely been the ladies' best test so far, and they passed with flying colors.

The Keightley Classic tipped off last night, and this game, while being downplayed by Coach Calipari as not a revenge game, but a good test for his young charges, was well, sweet revenge. For the first time in the history of the program at Kentucky, five freshmen entered the court to start the game. The difference this game from last season's disappointing NIT exit? These Cats were 100% healthy, and 1000% hungry. The Julius Randle show this was not, at least not just the Julius Randle show. No, young Aaron Harrison, codenamed A2 by someone, decided he wanted to do away with all those "concerns" that had been expressed about his not getting involved in the games as he should. And just so we are not all wringing our hands over the 3 points more we should have had on the score board at halftime, not to mention the 3 points less Robert Morris should have had, Drew Franklin over at KSR shows off another long range shot made at Rupp. Yes, at Kentucky, even the mascots are that good. I am curious though, why is no one complaining about the FT% or the 3PT %? Neither were significantly better, however both were slightly improved. Why no screaming for replacing Big Blue Madness with a free throw shooting competition today?

That should keep the natives from growing restless for at least a day or two.

And now for The Rest Of The Stories- There are no more undefeateds in the NFL. Thank Goodness. I knew Kansas wasn't that good, but I did not know for sure if Denver was. I should have known better. Manning would rather die in a hurricane than not win a big game. The guy just knows how to come up big when he needs to. amazing. Denver headed to the Super Bowl again? I would not bet against Manning with someone else's money.

Maybe A2 should add this guy to her conversation pieces with "The Bear". I wonder what he would have to say? Will Rajon Rondo end up in The Big Apple? Is Jimmie Johnson winning his 6th NASCAR Championship worth reading about? I have lost my infatuation with NASCAR completely. I don't know how they destroyed me as a fan, I just know that they did. Anyone want to see Baylor play Bama for the whole thing in the BCS Title game? I am beginning to think that I would. Evidently they are starting to make a case for themselves. And what has gotten into Auburn? They thinking of knocking off Bama before they can even get to the SEC Championship?

This version of The Links That Wild Weasel Would Never Bring You- Is Blofeld headed back to the big screen? Maybe so. Oh, James. Did anyone know that Babe Ruth was once a Brooklyn Dodger? Surprised me completely. This woman could make a fortune marketing herself to weeping Kentucky fans after a basketball game loss. Anyone out there ever need a professional hug? Ever think of getting out of your job because it's just boring? Try one of these careers.

Our Tweet of the Day comes from Thomas Beisner over at KSR with the most telling stat of the year about our beloved Cats.

That is all...