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Kentucky Basketball 2014 Recruiting: Stanley Johnson Picks Arizona

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In a disappointment for Kentucky fans, 2014 #3 recruit Stanley Johnson picks the wrong Wildcats.


So Stanley Johnson, the #1 target of John Calipari for 2014, is a Wildcat.  Unfortunately, he's an Arizona, not Kentucky, Wildcat.  That means that today, the best college basketball recruiter of modern times went 0 for Thursday.

There is no way to sugarcoat this -- it's a disappointment.  Kentucky definitely needed Johnson, and now Calipari must rethink his position on 2014.  Yes, we have 4 excellent players, and yes, we'll be getting some back from this year, although whether any of them will be the better players in the class is doubtful.

It's almost impossible to gauge where Kentucky will be in 2014 right now.  There are still some players that Kentucky is recruiting, like Justice Winslow at the 3 and Myles Turner at the PF/C positions that could give a big shot in the arm to the class that currently resides somewhere between 2nd and 4th right now.  And there is also this:

So despite my personal disappointment (I really wanted Johnson, even though the gurus have been saying for days he was staying out West), there are still a few top 10 players out there that Kentucky might pick up.  But today was not exactly a red-letter day for John Calipari's 2014 class.

But buck up, 'Cat fans.  We made it to the Final Four in 2011 with a lower-ranked squad than we now have in hand for 2014, and some of the returners may surprise.  It ain't over until it's over.