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Kentucky Wildcats Lynx: The News In Blue 11/15/2013

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Kentucky Wildcats Lynx: The links you want to have when eating your morning eggs and toast.

If you start those lousy friggin' calls again this week, you and I are goin' out back!!!
If you start those lousy friggin' calls again this week, you and I are goin' out back!!!
Joe Robbins

Well, I knew it would not take long for the bandwagon to start loading down. Evidently John Clay wants Joe B. Hall back on the sidelines. I don't know who looks more stupid in this piece, Jerry Tipton or Tom Izzo. A 5 point swing and this guy would also be amazingly stupid. To be honest, he may look that way anyhow.

Thank God someone has some brains. Myron Medcalf has been a voice of reason in this, the week of our discontent. Just think, this time next year, we won't need our DVR's. David Schuh over at the Kernel knows where this season is headed. Have a listen to the CBS Podcast concerning the recruiting announcements being made today. I would NEVER call Cal a liar. However...maybe he knows how to stretch the truth? Luke Winn says that UK hasn't fallen as far as some people think.

If we had this guy, we wouldn't need no steenking free throws:

I NEVER thought I would see this headline: "Kentucky football and Stoops Aspire To Be The Next Vanderbilt"...just let that sink in a minute. Mark Story has a great piece right here on the UK-Vandy Football rivalry. Jen Smith talks to D.J. Eliot about what gets a team more takeaways. First you have to do something that Kentucky is not yet able to do. Bud Dupree is a shining example of what is to come for Kentucky football. Look at it this way, we could be Arkansas. The "experts" say that the only question about the Vandy-UK game is not who will win, but will Vandy cover the spread? I am PLEADING with you guys...go kick some Commodore tail. I wanna see Vegas go bust one night. Maybe bringing in a military expert will help us sink the Commodores?

And Now For The Rest Of The Stories- Mike DeCourcy has another pretty dead on assessment of what tomorrow may mean to the schools, and the students. DaShawn Hand was so mad about the loss to Michigan State by the Cats, he wouldn't even go to Michigan to school. A few weeks ago, Dario Franchitti was just about this close to meeting his maker. Ashley Judd rejoins him, he begins a miraculous recovery and they are now talking about patching things up permanently. Ashley, you better be at the next big basketball game dang it!!!

The Links That Wild Weasel Would Never Bring You have some interesting tidbits today. I am thinking that a T-Shirt that says "39-1 Is Pretty Freaking Good Too" might be a big seller.

OK...most of you will know the wrestlers, some of you will know one of the announcers Lance Russell. But does anyone remember the guy that's seated at the announcer's table? He was the "sidekick" announcer to Lance Russell for years...If you know without looking, then you can claim the title of being a "Wrestling Junkie" hint-its a colorful name.

Finally we go to our Tweet Of The Day- Kyle Tucker gives us a glimpse of frontier justice on the gridiron.