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Kentucky Wildcats Lynx: The News Is Blue 11/14/2013

"Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. "- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.

Julius, you got more points, but I got the W!!
Julius, you got more points, but I got the W!!

Thursday. Thor's Day. The day before Friday. And to be truthful, there is not a ton of stuff out there that's incredibly interesting to look at, read about, or get really interested in today. At least not this morning. So, we shall endeavor to entertain you with what we got!

The Cats are trying to put together an event for next season's Men's Basketball schedule. Aren't you glad that these days are behind the UK program now? Teams scrambling for wins in early season games that will give them the edge they need to make the tournament, or to nail down a decent seed? I am going to have to have a talk with John Clay. He has been doing so well the last week or so and now he's right back at it with complaining about free throws. Come on, John. We all know we missed enough free throws to win the game. It's over. Move on. I found this interesting. a 5* Jr. College transfer sounds like a good idea to me. Eamonn Brennan saw what most of us did. Rich Bozich is asking the same thing everyone else is after Tuesday night, "Who's the Best?" There are three Kentucky Freshmen on the Wooden watch List, as this is the first season that they are allowed to be on it. Not bad for the first year. Dickie V says Cal is headed for the big house. No, not prison, the Hall of Fame. Alex Poythress ain't worried. He knew what was coming.

Andrew Sharp over at Grantland is in love

with Julius Randle: If Kentucky's other star freshmen — the Harrison twins — turn into stars by January and February, the combination of them, Randle, and James Young will make Kentucky the most terrifying team in the country. Mostly because of Randle. For all his skills, the most impressive part of Tuesday night was just how ruthless he was in attacking the Michigan State front line. When he scored over a triple-team halfway through the second half, I just blurted out "Jeeeeesus Christ" from my couch.

Bernisha Pinkett got the pic today because, well, she earned it. As the UK Hoops Squad spanked Georgia Southern in a mid-day matchup 103-38.

Games like that make me thankful I am not a coach. I could not stand there and watch my team take a beating like that. I don't care how much the check was for.

Mark Stoops tells us all we need to know about Vanderbilt and what he wants to see come Saturday. So does Anchor Of Gold, although I am not as sanguine about their assessment. Other than the part about James Franklin needs to keep the Vandy fans happy. Spencer Hall is up to his old tricks again at EDSBS. Wildcats' Suffering. That's putting it mildly. Jen Smith has the notes from Stoops and Franklin from the SEC Conference call.

And now for The Rest Of The Stories- Have a look at a little history my friends. The year 1965. The place, Rice Stadium. The team, Louisiana Tech. The QB? Well....see for yourself. I am no cop, but if the police have not, or can not, make an arrest of Florida State's Jameis Winston after almost a year in a sexual assault case, I am thinking it's not worth dragging up, just because he is now a Heisman candidate. I knew the deal was bad at the Yum! Center, but I guess it's worse than I thought, if Tom Jurich is beating the AAC out of $4M. This story over at Grantland is just bizarre...some people's kids...or is it their parents?

In today's The Links The Wild Weasel Would Never Bring You- 23 yr old Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel just turned down $3B for his company. That's right, $3B. A 23 yr old college dropout-internet geek walked away from a $3B payday.Why? Because it's worth more. Or so the experts say. Me? I take my $3B and buy a country. This is a seriously bad situation. How many of you out there are diabetic? How many of you might be? Cancer can't hold a candle to what diabetes may become if something isn't done. My own situation has made me take a hard look, and I got some help. Since June, with medical supervision, and a few tips from a lot of friends, I have managed to drop 63lbs. Now, that number would be more impressive, save for the fact that I had balooned to over 400lbs. I am not going to post the whole thing, but email me if you want some answers to questions about how to deal with pain from movement, how to get started getting out of the chair and get yourself enough energy to keep it going long enough to gain some momentum. This is no commercial, just an offer to help others who are in the same boat.

For our Tweet of the Day- I decided to have a little fun with this one and grab one of ASOB's own for a change.

That is all...