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Please Welcome A New Front Page Author to A Sea of Blue

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We keep adding writers here as fast as we can in order to bring you the best analysis of Kentucky sports possible.

Once again, I have the privilege of welcoming a new author to the front page of A Sea of Blue.  You know him well from the outstanding work he has done in the FanPosts, and as a long-time and very active member of A Sea of Blue.

So please join me in welcoming wamarsh to the front page.  He has been providing outstanding analysis for football all year, and I figured it was time to get his excellent work out there for all to see and read.  I've been known to occasionally miss a good FanPost or two, and this move ensures that the hard work he puts into his analysis is made available for us all to consume and digest.

We hope to continue adding quality content to A Sea of Blue going forward in order to bring you, the Kentucky sports fan, the high-quality analysis and discussion you expect from this community.

Welcome, wamarsh, we're glad to have you on the front page.