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Catching up with the NBA Wildcats: As Of 11/11 Edition

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Each week, we will catch up with our NBA Wildcats. Check out what our guys are doing in the first edition.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Coach Calipari has put a plethora of Kentucky Wildcats in the NBA. We will check up on our professional basketball ‘Cats on a weekly basis. Here is how our former boys and blue have performed in the early going.

Anthony Davis: New Orleans Pelicans

Stats so Far: 21.7 ppg; 11.6 rpg; 3.9 bpg

W-L Record: 3-4

Best Game: 11/8 vs. LA Lakers: 32 points, six blocks, 12 rebounds

Davis is putting up All-Star numbers at an amazing clip. He isn't just being good, he's being dominant. As long as he stays healthy, the sky is the limit for the big man.

Eric Bledsoe: Phoenix Suns

Stats so Far: 20.9 ppg; 7.3 apg; 4.4 rpg

W-L Record: 5-2

Best Game: 11/3 vs. Oklahoma City: 26 points, seven rebounds, 14 assists

Eric Bledsoe is proving to everyone that he deserves his contract and deserves to be a starting point guard in the NBA. He is the best player and the leader on the surprising Phoenix Suns.

DeMarcus Cousins: Sacramento Kings

Stats so Far: 23.5 ppg; 9.7 rpg; 1.2 bpg

W-L Record: 1-5

Best Game: 11/8 vs. Portland: 35 points, 9 assists, four steals

Boogie is showing why the Kings gave him a max deal. Too bad the team is terrible. There are already rumblings about DeMarcus bickering with the coaching staff. While I am happy the big man is doing well, I would have liked to see him move away from Sac Town. I don't think it's the environment for him.

John Wall: Washington Wizards

Stats so Far: 18.0 ppg; 9.5 apg; 4.2 rpg

W-L Record: 2-4

Best Game: 11/8 vs. Brooklyn: 17 points, 14 assists six rebounds, four steals

Wall is another 2010 Wildcat that is stuck on a bad team. But, he is proving to be one of the better point guards in the league by averaging close to a double-double in points and assists. But unlike his friend Boogie, Wall doesn't complain about coaching. He goes out and does his job. An All Star spot in unlikely for him at this point but he is putting up great numbers.

Patrick Patterson: Sacramento Kings

Stats so Far: 5.7 ppg; 4.7 rpg; 0.0 bpg

W-L Record: 1-5

Best Game: 11/8 vs. Portland: 10 points, four rebounds, two steals

It isn't like Patterson isn't getting the minutes. He is averaging 25.6 minutes per game; he just isn't producing like we thought he would. He had rave reviews I the preseason, but so far he hasn't been able to live up to the hype.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist: Charlotte Bobcats

Stats so Far: 12.1 ppg; 1.1 apg; 6.1 rpg

W-L Record: 3-4

Best Game: 11/5 vs. New York: 16 points, eight rebounds, three blocks

MKG is having a decent year so far after a bit of a disappointing rookie debut. The Bobcats aren't the worst team in the Association (thanks Sacramento!) but they aren't good either. MKG's offensive efficiency is up and he is still bringing his famous work ethic and defense to every game.

Doron Lamb: Orlando Magic

Stats so Far: 3.3 ppg; 0.7 apg; 1.0 rpg

W-L Record: 3-5

Best Game: N/A

Doron hasn't played in a game yet. He isn't injured; he just hasn't gotten off the bench. Doron was one of those players that we all kind of questioned leaving early. Another few seasons at Kentucky may have benefitted him more than sitting the bench in the NBA. Maybe not. Here's to hoping he gets some more clock in the future.

Marquis Teague: Chicago Bulls

Stats so Far: 0.0 ppg; 0.5 apg; 0.0 rpg

W-L Record: 3-3

Best Game: 11/8 vs. Utah: One assist

Marquis was another player that raised a few eyebrows after he left Kentucky after just one season. He is sitting behind Derrick Rose, so the chances of him seeing more playing time are slim to none. Even when Rose sat out the entire 2012/2013 season, the Bulls elected to start Kirk Heinrich and others at point guard.

Brandon Knight: Milwaukee Bucks

Stats so Far: 3.0 pg; 0.5 apg; 0.5 rpg

W-L Record: 2-3

Best Game: 11/9 vs. Dallas: six points, one assist

Brandon Knight went from averaging 13 points as a starter in Detroit to averaging three points as a backup for the Bucks. I'm not really sure how Knight has fallen so far in the NBA, he performed well in his time in Detroit, but they saw fit to trade him away, and now he is stuck in purgatory.

Enes Kanter: Utah Jazz

Stats so Far: 15.8 ppg; 7.3 rpg; 0.5 bpg

W-L Record: 0-8

Best Game: 11/5 @ Brooklyn: 21 points, eight rebounds, three assists

Big Enes has been the surprise of the early season out of the former Wildcats. Enes was ruled ineligible by the NCAA for the entire 2010/2011 season but was still drafted in the top 10 by the Jazz. Enes looked rusty his first season, he performed better in year two, and now looks like the player that Kentucky fans were so excited to get back when he was supposed to be a freshman.

Terrence Jones: Houston Rockets

Stats so Far: 3.2 ppg; 2.2 rpg; 0.8 bpg

W-L Record: 5-3

Best Game: 11/11 vs. Toronto: Seven points, 10 rebounds, four blocks

Terrence is a player that is waiting for his chance to bust out. He is only averaging 9.6 minutes per game, but he is making the most of his time when he gets in the game. He played 32 minutes against Toronto and we saw what he did: almost got a double-double. Given the chance, I think Jones could be a big role player on a very good basketball team. I foresee his stats rising in the coming weeks.

Archie Goodwin: Phoenix Suns

Stats so Far: 3.2 ppg; 0.3 apg; 1.3 rpg

W-L Record: 5-2

Best Game: 11/11 vs. New Orleans: Six points, three rebounds, three blocks

Archie is the lone player from last season that is playing in the NBA right now. He is learning his way with the Suns and the team is very happy with his progress thus far. He hasn't cracked the starting line up yet, but if he continues to improve then we could see him on the court more and more as the season progresses.

Chuck Hayes: Sacramento Kings

Stats so Far: 0.5 PPG; 1.7 RPG; 0.2 BPG

W-L Record 1-5

Best Game: 11/2 @ Golden State: Three points, one rebound, one steal

Chuck is in the twilight of his career, and with the stellar play of Cousins, we probably won't be seeing much of Chuck this season.

Tayshaun Prince: Memphis Grizzlies

Stats so Far: 6.3 ppg; 1.7 apg; 2.4 rpg

W-L Record: 3-4

Best Game: 11/9 vs. Golden State: 10 points, six rebounds, three assists

Tayshaun is another former Wildcat/NBA veteran that is still getting it done. While his best days are back in Detroit, Prince is still a key contributor for the Grizzlies. He still has a starting spot and is logging 22.8 minutes per, which is astounding considering his age. He has never been the flashiest guy on the court, but he does all of the little things the right way. That's why he is a former All Star, an NBA Champ, and a Gold Medal recipient.

Jodie Meeks: LA Lakers

Stats so Far: 12.8 ppg; 1.0 apg; 3.0 rpg

W-L Record: 3-5

Best Game: 11/7 vs. Houston: 18 points, three rebounds, two assists

Meeks is making the most out of Kobe Bryant's absence. The former Sixer has risen to the challenge and has become one of LA's primary scorers. The sharp shooter is completing 46% of his three point field goals. That's pretty darn good. Too bad the Lakers stink. And who knows what will happen once the King of Ball Hogs returns to the team.

Daniel Orton: Philadelphia 76ers

Stats so Far: 2.8 ppg; 2.8 rpg; 0.8 bpg

W-L Record: 4-4

Best Game so Far: 11/6 vs. Washington Five points, three rebounds

Daniel has been bouncing around the NBA and the NBA D League ever since he bolted from Kentucky after spending most of his freshman year on the bench. Still, Orton has size and athleticism and that equals staying power. His stint in Philly has been his most productive thus far, as the Sixers shipped off Andrew Bynum and are waiting on draft pick Nerlens Noel to get healthy.

Nazr Mohammed: Chicago Bulls

Stats so Far: 1.7 ppg; 2.2 rpg; 0.5 bpg

W-L Record: 3-3

Best Game: 11/8 vs. Jazz: Six points, three rebounds, one assist, one block

Talk about staying power, Nazr just won't go away. The Bulls big man keeps finding ways to stay in professional basketball. He gives the Bulls productive minutes every game.

Keith Bogans: Boston Celtics

Stats so Far: N/A

W-L Record: 4-4

Best Game: N/A

Bogans is on the roster, but he hasn't logged a second for the Celtics thus far.

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