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Michigan St. Spartans Upset Kentucky Wildcats, 78-74: Postgame Open Thread

Kentucky played like freshmen, and lost like freshmen. But they went down swinging.

Great game by Alex Poythress in a losing effort for the Wildcats.
Great game by Alex Poythress in a losing effort for the Wildcats.
Jonathan Daniel

Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, that was pretty much the game I expected, although I did expect us to win.  Shooting something over 60% from the line likely would have won the game for Kentucky, and again, it was a worry of mine.

Congrats to the Michigan St. Spartans for a great game.  They were much sharper than Kentucky in this game, although I think I can fairly state that they are significantly less talented.  With that said, basketball is a team game, and Michigan St. was unquestionably a better team.  Transition defense.  Ugh.

In all honesty, this is a game Kentucky probably didn't deserve to be in after an awful first half, but somehow, they did just enough to stay in it, put some game pressure on Sparty, and got them on their heels.  With that said, it wasn't enough to get this done.

I'll have the full postmortem later after I have time to get it done.  I want to watch some of this second game.

Don't let this loss worry you, it could very easily have gone the other way, and this would be an entirely different conversation.