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NCAA Football: NCAA Power Poll, Post-Week 11

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This is A Sea of Blue's SEC Power Poll ballot after week 11 college football action.


Week 11 of the college football season is in the books, and Alabama continues to reign atop the SEC Power Poll as well as atop the national rankings. After their easy handling of LSU on Saturday, they seem to be firmly in charge of the SEC yet again.

Also notably, the Missouri Tigers now seem to be in command of the SEC East, a full game ahead of South Carolina. They could still lose it, but if they manage to win out from here, they are going to be playing in the Georgia Dome.

Whither Florida after losing to Vanderbilt on the road? I always knew the Gators were a bit offensively challenged, but I never expected them to succumb to the Commodores in Gainesville. Florida fans must be prostrate with grief and ready to take up pitchforks. How much more disappointment can Will Muschamp take?

Georgia at Auburn will be an absolutely HUGE game next week for both teams. Auburn can stay alive in the West and hope to dethrone Alabama in the Iron Bowl. Georgia must win to have any hope in the East.

Here is my ballot.  Your comments are requested, and encouraged.

Rank Team cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV Polls Next opponent Comments
1 Alabama 6-0 9-0 49.01 368-95 30.3 1,[1!] at Mississippi State This team could beat the Baltimore Ravens right now.
2 Missouri 5-1 9-1 52.81 413-202 21.1 9,8,9 Nov 23, at Mississippi Nobody believed in Mizzou, not even Missouri fans. They are proving us all wrong.
3 Auburn 5-1 9-1 51.54 386-204 18.2 7,9,7 Georgia From a team that couldn't score to a scoring machine in one year. Impressive. Very impressive.
4 South Carolina 5-2 7-2 53.13 289-199 10 11,12,10 Florida On the beach this week.
5 Texas A&M 4-2 8-2 56.37 492-309 18.3 10,11,11 Nov 23, at LSU You gotta give them credit – the Aggies have given up even a pretense at defense, but good luck outscoring them.
6 Georgia 4-2 6-3 56.98 320-259 6.8 25,26,25 at Auburn Georgia proved that the SEC is better than the Big Ten yet again. Michigan, you never get to forget about it.
7 LSU 3-3 7-3 48.99 379-235 14.4 18,17,21 Nov 23, Texas A&M Captain Howdy strikes again. Les Miles can only shake his head in awe.
8 Mississippi 3-3 6-3 54.63 294-229 7.2 26,31,28,26 Troy Okay, a win is a win, and 3-3 in league is good enough to get you a bowl.
9 Florida 3-4 4-5 54.81 185-171 1.6
at South Carolina Beaten at home by Vanderbilt. That's not even okay if you're Kentucky, and it got Joker Phillips fired. Is Muschamp house hunting in Austin (maybe hoping for his old job back?)
10 Vanderbilt 2-4 5-4 43.91 291-259 3.6
Kentucky The Seventh Sign of the Apocalypse has come – as well as the Will Muschamp death watch.
11 Mississippi State 1-4 4-5 58.86 268-245 2.6
Alabama Well, scoring 41 points would be impressive if it were against anyone but Texas A&M and maybe Miami (OH). But it wasn't enough to win.
12 Tennessee 1-5 4-6 56 249-320 -7.1
Nov 23, Vanderbilt The showdown with Kentucky on Thanksgiving weekend might be for a last place tie.
13 Arkansas 0-6 3-7 56.02 204-314 -11
Nov 23, Mississippi State Well, they are no better than Kentucky, SEC record wise. But Bret Bielema can still talk smack, having defeated powerful FCS Samford by 10 earlier this season.
14 Kentucky 0-5 2-7 52 209-266 -6.3
at Vanderbilt Kentucky is almost a lock for back-to-back SEC doormat seasons.